My 1st Week

Apr 23, 2008

I must say the first week was really touch for me.. I had the mental issues
that comes along with this surgery. I wanted to EAT! as I sat in front of the tv all you see is food commercials.. It was all I could think about was what
was I going to eat. 

Sunday night and Monday was my depression days...

I wanted to eat and in my head I was telling myself that I might not 
ever get to eat what I like ever again and what the heck did I do to

But that did pass. Thank goodness LOL

I did have a hard time with the liquids.. They gave me broth three times a day in the hospital and when I got home. NOWAY was I going to drink broth.
It turned my stomach. So I drank my slim fast drinks and had sugar free jello. and for my hot drinks I tried sugar free apple sider and what I thought was sugar free hot chocolate it had 7 grams of sugar and I drank it and DUMPED big time. So I got my hot chocolate from the doctors office
that same week I went back and bought some.
They did give mea hint: three scoops of hot chocolate in the morning and three at night you have your protien in! OMG! Why didn't they tell me this at first! Really helps cause to get your water in you are drinking a lot..

By Friday I had one scramble egg with some cheese. I didn't eat all of it and it was great! 

So that is what I ate for the next few days was one egg with cheese.
I only ate one meal cause I was not hungery for anything else.


Apr 23, 2008

On April 11th I had my Gastric Bypass at St Joe East Hospital..

Everything went well and now I am on my journey to my new me!

I know that some people like to read what it is like to have the surgery..

So I am going to try to tell you what happened to me while in the hospital..
Might help you and might not LOL

First day 
I had to be there at 930 am to get ready for surgery and they made me take off all my clothes and jewerly and they started getting my IV ready..
I asked for the Chaplin to come in and my parents came back and I started crying.. YES! I am a cry baby lol
He said a prayer and after that I did feel much better..
They took me back to the OR and asked me to get on the other table and
I had my feet propped up against something. I don't remember anything after that. I woke up in the recovery and there were all these people in 
there at the same time and the nurses kept telling me to breath heavy.
They thought something was wrong with my blood pressure cause my face was so red but I have rosica or however you spell it.. and it stays red all the time. Then they took me to my room on the 4th floor..
My parents were there waiting on me.
I was sore on my left side the most and could not get out of the bed by myself.. Was glad that my dad was there to help me get in and out of the bed. My mom spent the night and yes about 4 hours after surery they have you up walking the halls. I did great! I was trying to get as much in as I could. they gave me GOOD drugs while in the hospital I have to give them props for that. I slept pretty good. The next day I have visitors and
I was able to sit in a chair after my walks. My best friend came over that night and stayed with me. I did run a temp that night was because I did not walk as much as I should have plus using that breathing machine.
So remember to do both a lot! 
so I spent most of that night walking and breathing cause I wanted to go home on Sunday!

~~Got the CALL~~

Apr 03, 2008

Believe it or not but I got the call on April 1st!
Got my surgery date Aprill 11th!
Next Friday!!!


I went to the Nutrition class yesterday and learned a lot!

Gosh that is a lot to learn in one setting..

Meet with the doctor on Wed the 9th!

I only have lost a half pound ekkkkkkk I need to lose some weight this week!


~Second go around~

Mar 31, 2008

I meet with the Psyologist last monday and everything went well and said that I was great to have the surgery! Yeah!!!

Also had my blood work done and my EKG and my EGD done..

So now it is a wait game for all of tests to come and then they send to the insurance company.. But the insurance company lets them know in three days so I hoping that I might hear something this week..

Cross your fingers!!

First office visit

Mar 13, 2008

Today was the first office visit I saw the Internist for a check up to see what your history is and if there is anything that needs to be done prior to being seen by the Bariatric Surgeons.
Then had a pre-op nutrition class and a exercise physiologist.

I was given a diet to follow 30 grams Carbohydrates a day diet
Meat and Veggies..
Was also told to get some protien shakes to try to find the ones that I 
like for after the surgery..

Was also told to start exercising 30 minutes a day for 4 days a week.

Also told to stop the soda's.. NO MORE MT DEW akkkkkkk!

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