Hi, I'm Jennifer and am currently going through the WLS process with Methodist in Dallas w/Dr. Castro! I was born at this hospital in 1982 and I plan on being "reborn" (figuratively speaking) in Dec. 2007 at the same hospital. I'm only 25 y/o but I've always been the heavy girl in every group setting. I've tried every weight loss stradegy known to man and received great results for short periods of time only to later gain back all that I had lost....and then some. It's dissappointing when you can be extremely successful and have control over every avenue of your life, except for your own weight. Sadly, this one failure is the most noticeable. I've been very closed lip about my decision for having the WLS. The only people knowing about my surgery are my parents, fiance, and 2 close friends. I've been extremely selective about who I tell because I need positive feedback and encouragement; not worries, sighs, and "what's wrong with old fashioned diet and exercise?".

Anywho - I've got plenty of things to still look forward to in my life (e.g. wedding, traveling, pregnancy, etc). My main reason for having the WLS is that I want to be healthy so that when my fiance and I decide to have our first child, I can have a healthy pregnancy. I've been doing a lot of research on all available procedures and I'm fascinated of how much information there is out there. Moreso, how common the procedures are! Ultimately, I'd love to be able to do the same things as my fiance and not worry about if I'd be able to fit or if something will support my weight. Also, I'd love to get over my phobia of children's hurtful remarks when they see me (e.g. yelling out "She's fat!" in the middle of a restaraunt/store). 

My struggle with my weight has been a lifelong battle for me and I'm excited that I qualify for the procedure. Although I haven't decided on which procedure I'm going to have performed, I'm thrilled to know that in a year I can be able to do things a normal 20-Something y/o can do! There's so much more I'd love to share and discuss about my fears, hopes, doubts, & expectations with the surgery but that would take awhile to list them all  Anyways, I'm excited to befriend people who are/have going/gone through this life changing journey!

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