Friday is my next weigh in

Aug 03, 2015

So proud of myself. I am kicking ass and taking names. I am sticking to my eating plan and losing weight. It has nothing to do with my surgery because I am almost three years out with only 23 lbs lost from surgery. This is all me. I'm doing it all on my own.  I'm using the eating plan from the surgery but I'm counting my calories, I'm measuring my food again, and I'm making healthy choices. I still can't exercise. I haven't been to the specialist yet to find out what I'm cleared to do. I go see him on the 19th so until then I'm riding solo. The most exercise I get is walking in the stores for short distances and cleaning my house for short spurts. That's the best I can do. I will NOT do anything until I am cleared because this pain is unbearable and out of two weeks or longer I'm lucky if I have one day that is pain free. It's the worst pain I've ever felt. It scares me because it feels like I"m going to collapse and be paralyzed. Now common sense tells me that won't happen but ever feeling, nerve, muscle, and bone in my body is screaming I better sit down or it will be the last time I take a step. 

I can't wait to see the doctor Friday. I look forward to my weigh in's because I don't have a working scale. Which is frustrating because I'm addicted to the scale! I know it's not healthy but it makes me feel better to be able to check to see if my weight is fluctuating. Any way that's what's going on with me. TTYL


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