Gas Pains

Mar 13, 2009

I am assuming that some gas (gas pains in particular) are to be expected initially.  This is my biggest problem right now.  The shooting gas pains and the inability to move/breath without feeling all of that pressure in my bloaty abdomen.  My question do you attribute this to the things you are eating/drinking vs. just something your body has to work through.  Is it normal to have this in spite of what you eat or is it what I am eating that's causing it?

Up until 2 days ago, I was doing mostly liquid stuff and well......what goes in is what comes out.  It was pretty chronic but I still had the gas pains.  Now, having tried to eat some more solid stuff the last 2 days, I seem to have even worse gas pain and now I am NOT really getting rid of any of it.  I don't feel like I need to go so I don't know if I am constipated (hence the painful gas bubble I call a stomach) or my body is just slow processing everything.


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