Lack of Appetite

Mar 25, 2009

 I know that it's somewhat normal to not have an appetite, but I am starting to kind of worry about it more.  I thought I would at least want to eat sometimes.  Nope.  I literally look at the clock and think I NEED TO EAT and I just have this strong aversion to food.....

I finally found something I can drink and get all of my fluids in (something I like that is).  I know how important the protein is, not just for nutrition but for getting my strength back.  I think that's why I'm getting a little concerned.  I have started feeling weaker quicker rather than better wiith each day.  My husband and my mom keep telling me "you have to eat and get your protein in" and I know this in  my head but it's so hard to explain this feeling.  It's like my stomach is unsettled all day long and I never know what it's indicating -- do I have to go to the bathroom?  Am I hungry?  Did something I ate/drank upset my stomach?  It's like no matter what it's going to feel this way.  I don't have nausea or pain really at all, it's just an unsettled feeling.  I am eating some thinly sliced ham right now and I thought it sounded decent but as I start eating it I just don't want to.  I'd like to just NOT EAT for 2 months!  lol

I'm trying to get in more vitamins but it's the same thing with them.  I just want to know that I am normal and I am not damaging myself.  I am trying every day to be better about all of it.  I've eaten things like lunchmeat, cocktail shrimp, chicken salad (just canned chicken and mayo), lil smokies & diff. types of cheese.  None of this has given me any problems and I have eaten very little of it very slowly.  My horrible gas pains I had initially have been gone about a week I guess so that is great.  Anyone have any suggestions on all of this?  Or do I just have to force myself?  I am 3 weeks out today and have lost 38 pounds (insane!).


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