1 month surgiversary

Apr 03, 2009


My one month surgiversary is today!!!!  Some days it feels like it was just yesterday I was coming home from the hospital and other days it feels like it's been 3 months!

I'm posting this mostly because many pre-ops have emailed me and said they really appreciate reading about peoples' experiences.  Also, if any of you veteran DSers have any suggestions they are always welcome!

I probably haven't done everything perfectly but I have done the best I can with what I have.  The main reason for the confusion is that I have all of the wonderful info. from this site running through my head while I am also reading the booklet of info. from my doctor.  They don't always jive!

So onto the good news....I have lost 45 pounds in one friggin month!  How does that even seem possible?  My husband and other friends have said  you can really tell in my face and right around my waist.  I am terribly afraid I am going to look like a sack of skin when all of this is over -- especially since I am losing so fast.  I know it will slow down though and I am hoping to start exercising in the future.  I'm still off work for another 2 weeks and that is a huge relief to me.  I didn't start feeling anything like normal until yesterday.  It was crazy.  All the sudden I woke up and didn't have the nagging constant stomach upset and bloaty feeling.  I was so excited!  So far so good today!  I feel awful my poor husband is out doing all of the yard work with no help but I just can't.

I am way too familiar with daytime t.v.....well evening and overnight t.v. as well.  Luckily I do paint and do some crafty stuff so that takes SOME of my time.  Most days I have felt more like doing mindless things though -- not big on having to concentrate much.

I won't lie....I have had many days where I questioned what the heck I have done.  I have had the nights where I laid here and wanted to cry because my stomach was so unsettled and upset feeling.  I've wondered when I would ever be able to eat somewhat normally again.  I've worried about not getting in enough this or that (especially vitamins).  My vitalady order finally arrived so I am on the right track now.  I just need to figure out the calcium because I cannot even fathom trying to get those big huge pills down!

Anyway, I am doing better and better MOST days and it seems I may have turned the corner for the better now.  I hope to stay here because I feel much happier and have more energy.  There is so much more I could probably say but I don't want to completely bore everyone. 

To those who are considering the DS or waiting for their surgery date -- it's going to be hard....but I feel it will all be worth it in the end.  Make sure you have support around you because you will need it. I don't care how strong you are mentally, having people to count on and depend on will make it a LOT easier for you.

I am going to have my husband take 1 mo. pics tonight so I can really look at the difference!


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