JennyLove posted a discussion topic 5 years, 11 months ago
Fat Rolls and Incisions, oh my! -       I am 13 days post op, doing fantastic in all regards except one of my incisions. It is on the left side and was placed smack dab in the center of a long term fat roll....

JennyLove posted a discussion topic 5 years, 12 months ago
Gas Pains? post op day3 -           Hi everybody, this is my third day post op. I had some gas pain in the hospital after I woke up, and walking did help, just as everyone has suggested. My biggest f...

JennyLove posted a discussion topic 6 years ago
Get sleeved and go home that afternoon?!?! -       At my pre op appt I was told that they are letting patients go home that afternoon if they are able to get liquids in and are coping with nausea and pain well. This re...

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ride a bicycle
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