5 months out.

Dec 21, 2008

Ok so its been about five months out now.  things are pretty much the same when it comes to eating.  nothing really goes through unless its mush already or cheeses.  i'm down 97lbs as of today when i got on the scale.  i'm happy with that.  i fell off the gym wagon last month and in dyre need to hop back on. i come up with all the excuses, but i for real need to go back.  its good for the mind and soul as well as the body. 
Merry Christmas to everyone! 


4 Months Post Op

Nov 19, 2008

Ok, so its been 4 months already.  Its crazy.  Time flys when you cant eat jack shit!  Haha.  i'm still having trouble with alot of foods, mainly if i cant get them all the way pureed through chewing. ie: raw veggies, meats, etc.  i went and had my 4 month check up and the doc told me i have a slight stricture.  he said he was not worried about it at all, as i am still getting in all my fluids and protein.  so i go back in february again and may opt for the endoscopy then.  hopefully things will get better in that respect.
i'm still losing weight at a VERY slow pace.  i'm down 82lbs now.  i lost like 12 or 13lbs last month which how can i complain, really.  its just been the slowest month so far.  i'm scared to see how it is when i hit a real plateau.  i'm very grateful for my loss so far and wouldnt change any of the roughest patches for the world.  its all in the experience and makes life all that more worth while.  =)

3 Months Out

Oct 20, 2008

Ok, so its been 3 months since surgery.  Everything is getting easier and easier.  i really had to get to know my body and the way things worked.  everyones different so there is no perparing what you are in for once you're "in it."  So, my puking has slowing down tremendously and i'm able to tolorate more foods.  i'm still mainly on pureed and cheeses and protein shakes.  its extremely hard for me to get in all my protein for the day.  now i'm losing my hair.  not too too bad, but its fallin like rain.  i hope to hell it stops.  i see my scalp and it totally freaks me out.  i'm the only one who can see my scalp of course and everyone thinks i'm crazy, but i'm very a aware of the situation. 

Ok, so i'm down to 238lbs now.  thats a total of 69lbs lost since the week before surgery.  i'm happy with that, but i must say the weight isnt coming off very fast anymore.  BUT at least its movin in the right direction.  i'm still going to the gym regularly.  trying for 4 days a week.  its tough though.  i'm soo happy with my decision to do wls.  my health is so much better even now!

2 Months Out

Sep 22, 2008

Well its been about 2 months post op.  i'm feeling great.  i'm finding myself doing things i normally wouldnt be doing.  my energy level is up.  i'm down 55lbs now.  i'm starting to be able to tell finally.  although, they arent lying when they tell you, you'll still see the overweight person in the mirror. i'm still overweight now, dont get me wrong, but what everyone else is seeing isnt quite what i'm seeing yet.  my friends and family is where its at. their  support and the confidence they have given me has meant the world.  i've been going to the gym regularly and i have a meditation/yoga/group discussion class i do too once a week.  that class is my counciling.  its great.  i recommend everyone do yoga and everyone do counciling.  i'm really trying to fight off my food demons, and the counciling has helped tremdously.  i'm still on the liquids and purees.  its really tough for me to eat much anthing else, but i'm fine with it.  i'm just sick of puking, so i just do what i can.  i know eventually it'll change, until then i'll be sipping protein and eating soup and cheese. talk to you next month.

One Month out!

Aug 19, 2008

So, its been a month out now, and i feel good.  I've lost about 30lbs give or take now, and i can tell.  my face is thinning out and i amazingly went down two dress sizes.  its wild.  BUT what i gotta remember to do it to CHEW CHEW CHEW!!  otherwise, it gets stuck in the stoma and causes the worst pain ever and i puke.  As long as i throw it all up i'm fine.  i just hope i dont get something "stuck" for real causing a stricture.  i'm extremely excited where this journey is going to take me.  and i'm doing everything in my power to stay upbeat and strong. 

One Day Before Surgery

Jul 17, 2008

July 17th 2008
So, its only about 20 hours until surgery.  i have been preparing for this since november.  I've done alot of hard work to get to just this point, and i so excited for tomorrow.  i would be lying if i said i wasnt nervous, but i'll be fine.  i've been fasting, and it hasnt been as hard as i thought.  today, on the other hand, has been hard.  clear liquids only.  i'll get through.  i weigh somewhere in the 300lbs area.  i'll find out tomorrow how much exactly.  i guess thats it, its been crazy thus far!!  see ya on the other side!

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