I'm 25 and I have been overweight and obese since I was 12.  I hit puberty and BAM!!! On came the fat.  I have tried everything under the sun and I wanted Bariatric surgery to be my last and final alternative.  At the age of 16 I was diagnosed with PCOS and told I would never be able to have kids.  At 22 they put me on glucophage to control my blood suger, at 23 they put me on blood pressure medicine and a very STRICT diet. I had found an endocrinologist, Dawn Ayers in Noblesville, that said she could get me pregnant if I lost 50 lbs.  This strict diet let me lose 47 lbs and a year a half later after I had kept that much off and three rounds of clomid, I did get pregnant but it ended up being a tubal and I had to have emergency surgery to remove the fetus.  I have since gained back all my weight and then some, and I'm not back up to 290... I'm back on my blood pressure medicine, and I feel like shit.  I decided I was going to try for the bariatric surgery in August and I"ve been working towards it since.  I currently have an appeal in and I should hear something back in the end of November about my surgery.  Please everyone pray for me.  This determines how the rest of my life will go. 

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