My life now, Summer 2009

Jul 12, 2009

Well at this point I'm almost 2 years (8/01/07) post op from my VSG. Let's see:

Physically, here are the stats:

Lost about 80 or so lbs
Highest weight: 215 lbs
Now: 137 lbs
Old size:20
New: 8

I just went through a round of plastics (6/29/09), a tummy tuck w/ flank lipo, and a breast reduction.
My bra size before WLS was 42F, after WLS 32E, now 32C.
I'm not sure if I went down any size in pants because I'm still very swollen. It would be nice to be a size 6, but hey, not having to stuff my gut into a size 8 would be nice. I don't think I look any thinner than with Spanx on, but it will be nice to not depend on them any longer. I don't think I'll have any more plastics.  I'll NEVER be perfect, and the way I see it, I was lucky not to have any complications. Why risk it? I'll try my best to shape up my arms and thighs to avoid any other procedure.

Emotionally, here's my view:

I wasn't a miserable fat person before, I was actually one of the jolly ones. I dressed  well, socialized, participated, and didn't hate myself. Yeah, there were times that I stood in front of the mirror and hated my huge stomach or my fat face, but then I put on something pretty and some make up and felt much better. My reason for undergoing WLS was because of my high blood pressure. Unfortunately, I still have it! So,........I lost weight and was introduced to someone I NEVER met before, me.
I wouldn't change anything about my life, that's what made me who I am, but now everything seems easier. I'm not too concerned with what other people think about me. I appreciate my husband more, especially after almost losing him last year due to a massive heart attack. He almost missed out on All this goodness!

Sometimes I feel guilty for having the plastics, I mean, In a time of a world wide economic crisis I decide to spend so much money on esthetics. I also felt guilty about putting myself in a position where , God forbid, I would've died. All for what? I know I would've lived with droopy breast and a melting belly, but now I really love my new breast. I can't tell yet about the tummy because it's too swollen. Would I do it again? It's too early to answer that question, I'm just glad things are better now.

My life has been consumed by this journey, from my diet, to my views in general. I don't think I can go back to before, I've invested too much time and money into this new me, Jessie, the WL patient.

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