One of my happiest days =)

May 27, 2011

Today, May 27, 2011, I was approved for surgery! I called the surgical coordinator and right after I told her my name, she told me the words I have been dreaming of hearing, "You're approved!". I immediately couldn't speak because of how much shock I was in. Just 3 days ago, I was calling my PCP's office, annoying them to get the letter of medical necessity faxed out to my surgeon. I was fearing that if I didn't get approved by my surgery date, I would have to appeal and reschedule. I heard so many horror stories of how it sometimes takes 2 months! Shortly after hanging up with the coordinator, I called Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield to be sure the coordinator was correct. I requested to be transferred to the medical management team after a rep. told me it is still in approval. Sure enough, the medical management team assured me that I was approved yesterday afternoon =D. I can not wait to finally start living my life the way I should've been!


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