It has started...the pre-op liquid diet :-O

Jun 07, 2011

    So. Yesterday marked exactly 2 weeks before surgery...YIKES! I'm getting more nervous and excited as it's getting closer. I have all these different emotions at once but I figure it's only natural. Right now, I am surviving on: Crystal light, SF popsicles, sodium free bouillon cubes(I add some garlic salt and onion powder), Muscle Milk Light, and water. I am nervous I can't stick to this for 2 weeks but I know I have to be as dedicated to it before surgery, as I will be afterwards. 
    I'm having the pre-surgery gitters. Questioning, "Is this the right surgery for me?". Doing more research on others and saying "hmm..maybe I am making the wrong decision." However, I know that if the RNY wasn't right for me, atleast one of the doctors I have seen would have told me by now, so i'm trying not to stress over it anymore. I know for sure that if I got the Sleeve(Which would be my next choice), I would need to follow it up with another surgery anyway(which would be the RNY) why not just go for it now? instead of preparing myself for 2 different ones? I am 21 years old, in perfect health(minus the obesity) so, I need to just go for it now instead of waiting for the comorbidities to strike!
  I am a very open-minded, and friendly person so feel free to comment, message, ask questions, give advice, ect. =) Look forward to hearing from you!


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