I am 33 and 3 weeks pre-op I am so excited and nervious.

Jan 9, 2006: I am exactly 23 days till surgery and 21 days till i fly out to Costa Rica. I am having my lap rny there because i am self pay and it is 13k verses 27k in the states. I am having trouble sleeping and i cant focas i am so excited. I wonder if anyone on this site has had the rny out of the country. I am not scared and not ignorant as to think there are not great Doctors in other countries. So this is not the problem. my problem is like most i have read....the wait. I just want to be on the other side of this thing. I am 5'7" or 5'8" not sure lol and 270lbs. i am a size 22 and shaped like a square. I have been big all my life. I lost 100lbs almost 9 years ago and had a tummy tuck 8 years ago they took off 4 pounds of skin. I also had a reduction. BUT I gained all the weight back and now i am worried i will need all the surgery again. My tummy is still flat but who knows what will happen when i lose the weight. I just want what all you want. Freedom.... I want to tie my shoes and not pass out, cross my legs unassisted by my hands but mostly i want to be healthy and live to see my son grow up. I am lucky I do not have any health issues now THANK GOD. but if i keep it uo i will. So here I am Waiting for the day to come so i can start living the new life. I would love to hear from anyone who would like to talk. The waiting is killing me.

Jan 30 2006: SO I leave for Miami today and will fly out to Costa Rica Tomorrow. I am scared and nervious and anxious but most of all READY! I am finding myself writign letters to thoses who i love and telling everyine i love them. I have had so many surgiers before but this one scares me and not for the obvious reasons like i am having it in costa rica that dose not bother me at all. Actually i am scared because all my other surgeries were minor like gall bladder, plastic surgery, tonsels, births. Although with all thoses there is an element of danger this is a big one. But yet i would not change my mind. I am more ready than i could be. I have done the research i have filled my head i know that to expect and when to expect it. I AM READY. well friends...SEE YA ON THE LOSING SIDE.


I have so much to tell you all i have kept a journol of my trip to costa rica and will post it soon. but as you can see i am POST OP!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohooooooo but i am still in costa rica and as soon as i can i will update:-) But i am doing very well. Talk to you LOSERS soon!


January 31- day one-Tuesday

Arrive in Costa Rica at 1:45 after a very rough landing. We thought the plane was going to bounce off the runway. Went through customs and headed out the double doors where a multitude of cab drivers were trying to pick us up. We looked around and saw a sign that read Julie Di. Boy were we happy. It was Eric. He drove us to the ranch via all the small towns. The temp at the airport was 88. Very hot. As we drove up into the mountains the temp dropped a lot. When we finally got there the temp was 61 and very cool and windy. The ranch is only 5 miles from the rain forest. It rained all night and the wind blew like a hurricane. The cottage is beautiful. Wood floors, huge wooden bed, kitchen, fireplace, large windows overlooking the side of the mountain with lush plants and flowers. Simply beautiful.

February 1-day two-Wednesday

Woke up and had a relaxing morning. Going to the doctors at noon for endoscopy and consult. Trip to San Jose was very nice. The weather is beautiful. Omar is our driver and he was telling us about the volcanoes in Costa Rica. He said we could take a day trip to one of the active volcanoes and also to the famous waterfalls. We will try to go depending on how the recovery goes. First we went to meet the doctor. He is a very nice doctor and explained everything to us. Next was the endoscopy.
A needle in Julie’s vein and sedation medication was given. She did not remember anything. All went well. We had to go to the bank and cash the American express traveler’s checks-sounds easy right? Well the first bank we went to would not, so we headed for the next one-the teller has Julie sign all the checks and then announces that the bank cannot cash them-what!! Now they are all signed so what in the world can we do. Omar say he knows someone at another bank that would help us. We get there and NO HELP. We go to another one and again they say NO. He suggested that we go to the American express office and get new ones. Now everything is closed so we make plans to go tomorrow AM before going to the hospital, get them cashed and take the cash to the hospital and give it to the doctor. A phone call to him and he said that was fine. By now Julie is ready to SCREAM and jump off the side of the mountain. I told her that unless I was nervous, she had to relax. I was very proud of her. She kept her cool. Omar drove us back to the ranch, we called Richard, had dinner in the main house (they made wonderful meals) and we went to our cabin to relax. Julie went to sleep early. I packed what I would need for a few days. I will stay with Julie while she is in the hospital. She will stay two days if all goes well. We met other patients at dinner that had surgery and some who were to have surgery. One lady came by herself from Colorado to have a facelift, eyes and tummy tuck. Another lady was there with her husband from California who had facelift, eyes and tummy tuck. Both had seen the 20/20 special and went on the internet like Julie did. There was also a man; worked construction came alone to have his eyes done. He probably was between 35-40 yrs old. It was nice to meet all the different people. Well tomorrow is the big day for Julie. Her whole life will be different-for the good. Good night Julie, sweet dreams, I love you and I am very proud of you.
. .
February 2,-third day-Thursday

Got up early to go to American Express office to have new checks issued. After that, we went to the bank and cased them. Believe it or not, we had to pay a fee to cash “cash”. I still can’t figure that out. We checked into the hospital at noon. Julie went to the lab and x-ray. They took us up to our room (408). We were very happy when saw the
air conditioner. Later around 4:30, she was taken to the operating room. When I returned to room, the nurse told me that we would be moving to another room. I wasn’t concerned until I noticed that there was NO AIR CONDITIONER. I thought “this is NOT good”. I went to speak with the nurse and she said they would move us. At 7 PM I asked about Julie and they called and said was doing fine. By 9 PM I became concerned. They told me that she was in the recovery room. Shortly after that, the doctor came in gave all the details and said that everything went very well. He wanted to keep her in the recovery room awhile longer. At midnight they brought her in. I could hear her way down the hall. She as extremely nauseated. We were up all night, poor girl, throwing up. The nurses came with medication which was all IV. They kept nausea and pain medication running all night and throughout the next day. She finally started feeling better the next day.

February 3, -fourth day-Friday

Julie is finally comfortable and not nauseated. The doctor came in at 6 AM, said she must walk. NO liquids or food. She got in the chair and then I gave her a shower. She has a drain from one the multiple stab incisions. Not much to write about today. She slept all day and night. She said she was not hungry only thirsty. We did walk to the café on the ground floor and Julie was able to get on the computer to check her email. They have computers throughout the hospital.

February 4,-fith day-Saturday

The doctor came in mid morning, checked Julie and said we could go back to the ranch at 5 PM. Oh, by the way, we stayed in the room without air condition during our entire stay. It wasn’t bad at all. They continued giving her pain medication by IV slowly all day. The hospital and nurses were wonderful. All the nurses wore nurse’s caps so you always knew them from anyone else. The doctor said she could have ice. This was the first of anything Julie had by mouth since Wednesday midnight. She walked during the day but she was extremely tired. This was perfectly normal. She also got some hot tea but she couldn’t drink it. We checked out at 5 pm and Eric picked us up. Got to the ranch and went to the main house for dinner. Poor Julie could only have chicken broth but she was not hungry at all. While we were at dinner, the staff started a fire in our fireplace. We were so happy to be in our room. Julie finally had a bowel movement, which was great accomplishment. It rained all evening. Julie was a little uncomfortable but finally went to sleep before midnight. I wish I could fall asleep.

February 5.sixth day-Sunday

Woke up early this morning. This is very special day in Costa Rica. The people are voting for a new President. No alcohol is sold 3 days before the election and no bars or night clubs are open. One thing I can tell you is that Costa Rica works hard to keep crime down. We saw that first hand after going to five banks earlier trying to cash our American Express checks. All the banks are guarded by armed police (I’m talking about semi automatic rifles). Even going inside the bank requires a screening. You walk inside a clear sealed area, the door closes behind you so that no one else can enter, then the door opens and the guard has to check your purse. Men cannot wear hats and all motorcycle helmets are left outside. The same process is done to exit. Also you cannot use a cell phone while inside the bank. We learned that all the cell phones are controlled by the government. No outside phones will work in the entire country. They brought breakfast to our room. Poor Julie is still on clear liquids. She is handling that very well. She is looking forward to next week when she can have Jell-O. There are several new people here. Barbara is here from Illinois for eyelid surgery and laser whitening for her teeth. We met a very nice man who lives in Sebring. What a small world. I washed and blow dried Julies hair. Today she is allowed to drink Gatorade. We stayed at the ranch all day. Went to main house for lunch and dinner. Lorena’s mother came in to give Julie a shot of antibiotic. She hates those shots. We watched a movie and a little TV and went to bed.

February 6 – seventh day – Monday

Woke up early and Julie is not doing as well as she expected. I keep telling her that everything looks fine. She has normal temperature and the drain contents are getting more and clearer in color. I decided to go with two other patients to the mall in San Jose. Dale is from Chicago and Denise is from Ohio. We had a good time. I didn’t want to leave Julie but she wanted me to get out. Patty another patient stayed and said she would go and visit Julie. They did end up going for a walk. The drain is driving Julie crazy. I keep telling her that she will feel a lot better when the doctor sees her and removes the drain. I did find my Puma shoes that I really wanted. The malls are the same as in the USA. They have food a court but we really wanted something from the country. All they had was American food. When I got back to the ranch, Julie had a panic moment. She saw something dark in the drain and thought she was going to die. After the director saw her and reassured her, she did calm down. That night Julie was very sick to her stomach. She tossed and turned and had the runs all night. I felt so bad for her. She is going to the doctor tomorrow. I hope he tells her that everything is ok.

February 7, - eighth day- Tuesday

Got up early again. They brought breakfast to our room. I only eat the fruit and Julie only has tea. She is supposed to get a shot of antibiotic at 7 am but she refused it. Lorena called the doctor and he wanted us to go to the lab and have blood drawn. We did that and waited for him to call us. He called and we went to see him. As I told her, the doctor said everything was good with her. He removed the drain and she felt so much better. We came home (ranch) and sat around and talked. I bought a couple mangos and I decided to have one. They grow here and very good. Julie wanted to suck on the seed. She really enjoyed that. Then she felt so guilty she started getting anxious. All she kept saying was “I’m going to die in three days.” It was so funny. Today was the first sunny day. The weather is perfect.

February 8 – ninth day – Wednesday

The day started out fine. Of course Julie is still on liquids and not very happy about it. She is convinced that she is going to die from sucking on the mango. We wanted to go to the pharmacy in town but the drivers had too many apt so we just stayed inside and watched TV. Julie gets tired easy. She realizes it when she starts to do something. The doctor warned her about that. I am having a very bad day with my RA. It’s very cold up in the mountains and I pretty miserable. It has been raining all day. We wanted to go for a walk but couldn’t, maybe tomorrow. Julie was told the bad news; she cannot have Jell-O until Saturday. Lorena called the doctor and he tried to explain but Julie was mad. He did tell us that she could have Jell-O after 7 days and now changed his mind. We’ve decided to go back to the states on Sunday. Unfortunately we forfeit the money we paid for the room. They don’t give refunds. I don’t think Julie can make it until next Wednesday. We both want to go home. Harvey called yesterday and Julie talked to Renee. I am so sleepy but still cannot fall asleep and it’s 2 AM. The wind is blowing so hard outside it sounds like a hurricane. When you are in the mountains, the weather changes often not to mention we are only 5 miles from the rain forest. Tomorrow we may try to go into town.

February 9 – Tenth day – Thursday ( Julie Typing now)

We did end up going into town. We drove around with Omar the driver picking up patients from the dentist and the dr. he ended up taking us to a “tourist”
Part of town and I was not to thrilled cause I didn’t want the “I survived costa rica” shirts along with the matching coffee cups if ya know what I mean. So we stayed a bt and I was sooooooooooooooo tired. We ended up stopping at the pharmacy cause I needed to fill my b12 script and I ran down to a Chinese food place and got wonton soup. Yea wonton soup and I did not eat the wontons but I had about 2 or 3 spoon fulls and I was full BUT it was the best wonton soup ever. Lorana (the lady who owns the ranch with her husband Ruben and does all the monitoring of my diet) would of killed me if she new I had that but what is the difference between that and chicken broth? So needless to say I slept GREAT!

February 10 – eleventh day – Friday

This was our last full day in Costa Rica we were leaving the next day. Went to a placin in downtown San Jose called central street. All shopping it was cool. Although I was very exhausted. We went with Dale a patient from the ranch. Very cool guy. My mom and him wanted to eat so we went to this restaurant called News Café I had….chicken soup…big surprise but before we could get seated I was very dizzy and got real pale the room started to spin and I found a chair real quick. We ended up staying there quite a bit just gabbing and it was nice cause I was not ready to attempt walking again. My mom gambled Dale bought a Cuban cigar and I got some gifts. We found a pharmacy and I got to step on a scale for the first time 8 days after surgery. Drum Roll Please……I lost 22 pounds! I could not believe it. We got back to the ranch (3 hours past when we should ….Thanks Omar..long story) and I slept like a baby!

February 11 – twelfth day – Saturday GOING HOME!

I was planning on surprising everyone so noone other than my dad knew I was coming home. It was a long day in and out of airport bureaucracy but finally at 7:10pm I touched down in Miami I was (not home yet) but in my country and I could not wait to see everyone especially my son. I asked my dad to take me to Publix to verify the 22 pound thing and I did and I did lose 22 pouds……..wowwwwwww!! I got some jello and some other stuff. Then we had to stop at BK ugh this part is killing me the mind thing I want food but I am not hugary…I need to learn to deal. But hey I will time baby time.

February 12 – thirteenth – Sunday LAKE PLACID

I am back in lake placid and I suprissssedd the whole bejesus out of Renee I was so happy cause I thought she might of found out about me coming home early. I want to spend so much time with her but first I cant drive yet not till Friday. Secound she has a baby and a husband. And third well there is not third. But she has been a god send to me while I was gone she helped harvey with my real estate crap and she started cleaning my dads office (a chore I did not want to tackle) and got me a color printer and a daytimer!!!!! I KNOW. I was so shocked. Its hard to find fiends like her I am lucky enough to have found two her and Harvey. Now don’t get me wrong all my friends are great but I can not think of any who would do the things those two have done for me(ok maybe wendy when she is over her own train wreck which will be soon go wen). And not that I expect it from my friends but whatever I am rambling. Its also nice that she had RNY 4 years ago she knows exactly what it is I am going through and can talk to me about it. I thnk that part will help me survive the next few weeks of crap diet. Well I do not plan on bloging every day but I will when I can and will keep you all updated on my progress. Love ya all.

The Loser

Feb 14 2006

Well i still have the not full feeling then i forget to eat what is that? I am allowed by my dr to start protien when i start my 3rd week which is fri. I got so much stuff i could feed a country protien for months. lol Sometimes i feel like maybe i didnt have the sugery and a taco would not hurt....although i do not eatthe taco but boy do i want to. i wish i could of had the surgery on my head as well as my tummy. i found this stuff vitamin water is has 14 grams of sugar but it dose not bother me and my dr said it could drink gatoraid and this has same as that so i got a few, i figured it could give me a little nutieants. thursday i get creamed soups. I AM SO EXCITED. i cant wait till i can eat regular. even if it is small amounts i could swallow food not liquid. anyway i decided after my realization of 22lbs total lost as of the 12th i will not check weight till march 2 my one month. I will absess to much. well i am off.


Feb 16 2006

Ok so we knowi have decided not to look at scale till March 2. Or one month out. And to be honest i dont have the desire...so anyway i go to the bathroom and pull up my shirt to see if i "look" thinner and all i see is a hanging blob....WTF ok seriously...im not evn a month out and i have a hanging blob on me. now when i was 225 2 summers ago i had a tigh lil round tan belly. now its a haning blob. I really do not want to have to have another tummy tuck but listen i will if this thing "hangs" around. I never thought i would say this but six weeks come quick i need to work out. I am doing my walking 1 mile i will work my way up to 2 miles but for now i think i am doing good. Today is my 2 week mark. WOOHOO CREAMED SOUP!!!!!!!!!!!!! but also i have to start protien and b12 shots so with one good thing comes 2 bad but hey im ok with that. my belly button tat looks funny its sinking into the whole lmao....once it was so tight it was thinning out ...oh well.if i get a full blown tummy tuck again i will lose it lolhow weird would that be??? who knowa i am not sure i want to go through the anastisa again that suxed azz. ok its late i need to sleep. i will dream of the split pea soup nancy is making me tomarrow:-)


Feb 19, 2006

Well thur was my full 2nd week and the start of my third week. I got to start creamed soup yea!!!!!!!!! but also b12 shots and protien. OK protien where do i start. I told sam a friend of mine i dont care how bad it is i will do it i have to....Yea well i can only mangae to get down 1 protien shot thing i ordered from protica OMG its so sweet my teeth hurt and its gag o rific. Then we have tasteless soy protien powder .....gag...So i ordered protien shakes from bareatric eating web page. maybe this will work i dont know. well i still have not gotten on a scale even though i am dieing to. but i am scared what if it went up? i just wish i coud wake up and it all be over with lol. its like sometimes i forget i had the surgery and i wanna eat then i remember and i am scared to eat. I feel like i eat to much then i think about it and i am like omg i didnt eat at all. Its like a game i still dont know how to play. Its wierd i still cant believe i did it. I did it i did it i had the sugery and i am going to be ok. In my pic i have with the choco covered strawberry i am about 230 i think. Which the last time i weighed back on 2-10-06 i was 248 so i was 18 pounds smaller i felt good then i lookd good i was tan and stuff. i was dating my dr mc dreamy (greys anatomy lingo) although he was not a dr and not as honorable as shepard and how lame am i that i even refer to him as a charicter on a show.....anyway i was happy then. Not that i am not happy now cause amazingly enough i am rather happy and yet i am single. but i was differant then. nieve so to speak. I think now i will make a man work for me i think i am worth it. he will have to work realllllly damn hard. I know what i want and i dont think i am afraid to get it. i want a man with goals and a man with a good job and a man who ultimatly loves me. I MEAN REAL LOVE. like looks and me and cant see his life with out me. and if i cant find that then i cant. tomarrow starts me jumping back into work and just tring not to be lazy and starting the new chapter iin my life. hahaha well we will see.

February 20, 2006

i went to my friends resturant cause she made me split pea soup and i ate and talked and ate and i ate to much. I didnt even eat a whole cup...then i got nausiated and sick and i drove home fast jumped out of my car and BAM threw up in my yard. I still feel sick but as of right now i dont ever want to eat again. that sucked. i feel so sick right now. mental note eat from a small plate or cup not a big one you dont realize how much your eating. sigh


February 21, 2006

I didnt want to eat this am cause what happened last night. so i tried cheesy eggs.....well it didnt end up the way i would of liked. My stomack hurts i cant trow up again. this alone would make a person lose weight i dont wanna eat ever again.


February 25, 2006

Well I am eating my brekkie right now. Cheesy eggs yea i am giving it the old college try. No issues as of yet but i am taking my time. I seem to bw doing ok even though i have not gotten on scale. Although i did try on my old overall shorts that were a size 16,....NOW overalls are diff from reg jeans so i cont wear a 16 yet BUT the overalls were not tight and i looked ok wearing them :-). I sang at MIckey's last night. I had fun went to bed early i have some work stuff today. well i am off but like i said so far so good:-)


February 27, 2006

Not much going on right now. I do however seem to have a bigger appatiete i know i cant spell. lol I ate 1/2 ricotta cheese thing i made aka "julie's lasagna" a fudgecicle, 1 egg then later 1/2 egg and 2 tablespoons of cheese grits. and custard. does that seem like a lot cause it feels like alot. oh and one protein drink. i dunno. everyine says i look smaller but i still feel fat lol but i guess we will see. its 1 am so i really should go to bed but i napped and now i cant sleep if i had not had rny i would prolly be eating lolololol i do that alot say what i would eat if had not had rny or say like i would eat now if i could it cracks me up. well i guess i better try to sleep i have a busy day ahead of me.

Ps I know if you are reading this you might wanna know what i weigh and how much i lot well i am scared to get on scale and not real sure i ever want too so sorry just know i feel good lol

March 2, 2006

OK so one month out 4 weeks ago today i was in surgery in costa rica wild uh? So i know you all are anxious to know where i am in this journey. so i will give you a list:


Wrist: 7"

Bicepts: 17.5" (not muscles but fat:-( )

Neck: 17"

Chest ( Around Nips): 53"

Bra Line (under breast): 46"

Mid Drift: 48"

Belly: 48"

Thighs: 29"

Hips: 51"

Calfs: 18.5"

Ankels: 11"

Knees: 18.5"

Weight: 271lbs

1 month out

Wrist: 7"

Bicepts: 16"

Neck: 15"

Chest ( Around Nips): 51"

Bra Line (under breast): 44"

Mid Drift: 45"

Belly: 45.5"

Thighs: 26.5"

Hips: 48"

Calfs: 18"

Ankels: 10.5"

Knees: 17.5"

Weight: 247lbs

Total weight loss: 24lbs

Total inches lost: 21"

Not bad uh?

I am not really chaning in size but my clothes fit better. But i wore my clothes big like i have jeans in 22-17 and the 22 are too big but i can still wear 20-17. just 20's are loose. shirts i had that were tight fit good and stuff like that. Get this shoes that were tight fit nice lolol im loosing weight in my feet crazy uh?

I feel like a protien and vitamin freak i have so much and buy more when ever i am out. hahaha im a lil crazy but we all knew this.

So i started solid foods and well its been throw up week...sigh i need to learn to eat slower, DO NOT drikand eat and not over eat. I have found these to be hard. 33 years of doing what i want and now i have consiquences to doing the above offenses.

Anyway thats its folks thats the story for this month lets see what happens next:-)


March 10, 2006

So Yesterday was 5 weeks out. Like i said in the past i do not weigh but every month so sorry for no update on numbers. But what i can say is I GOT INTO A PAIR OF 16'S JEANS! hahahaa ok so they were tight but they fit. I was dieing. i was so excited. Now wil i rush out and buy a pair of 16's no i do have a pair in my closet but. it was nice. I would not wear them out still to tight. what is funny is what i think is tight now was so ok when i was no loosing weight lol. if that makes any since. I used to wear a 22 soall my 22's are out of my closet they are too big my 20's and 18's fit my hips even though they look ridiculous they dont fall off so i will wear them as long as i can. its weird im losing more inches than pounds and my clothes are falling off its a good feeling and all but what would i love to see my weight under 200! i will just have to wait. The way i figure it according to my chart i should be about 209 at the time of my birthday. i would like to be at 200 or below but hey this will def be the last year i will be heavy on my birthday. Well thats it for now i will write more when more happens:-)


March 14, 2006

Today was not so hot i threw up alot but i blame the fact that i tried to get all my water in and i drank about 80 oz and practically drawned myself. I just do not think i t is humanly possible to drink 100 oz of water, get in 100 grams of protien, and eat 4 to 6 times a day. I TRY! i just cant. Its kinda upsetting. SIGH.....anyway thats that.


March 16, 2006


Today i can start exercising woohoo! Have i really needed to do this. I too my b12 shot already and all my vitamins and i am now drinking my proiten. I am a good girl. I feel great and Well i did weigh today but only cause it is 6 weeks and a milestone but after this only every month. I have lost 11 pounds in 2 weeks so a total of 35 pounds in 6 weeks i am happy because i was a smaller bbw and was told i wont lose as quickly as those who need to loose more. My personal goal for NOW is to just get below 200 actually lower than 197 i remember weighing 197 and i looked and felt good that is the lowest i remember. so it will be an exciting day when i am below that. in 2 weeks i will weigh again and do my measurments.


March 17, 2006

" Sure hate to break down here nothing up ahead or in th rear veiw mirror out in the middle of nowhere nowhere im in trouble if these wheels stop turning....."


OK so Renee picks me up and i am stoked. 6 weeks out and i am ready to start exercising. To maximize my weight loss. Well i have been weighing on Publix scale I started on it so i kept going on that scale. So i weigh in to get all the dirt on my body ya know all the stuff we love to here by a gym guy.....SO i get on scale and WTF Im 4 pound heavery then yesterday.....im pissed and i cant even try to hide it. I end up after he tells me not only am i 4lbs more than i thought but i am an inch shorter...(which for tose of you who dont know also makes me fatter) and My goal weight should be 187! I wanted to stab him with a fork in the jugular!!

So o leave i call Bobby my broher and have him pick me up cause Renee is in the step class. Im crying i cant stop and he comes and takes me home. Renee shows up with flowers 3 roses. 1 for past 1 for present and 1 for future.....(she is cute but then) She makes me go back to the gym. Says "i need to face it and i cant mope" SIGH i want to mope though.so now i am back to the gym and i walk on tred mill for 30 min and eliptical for ...hahaha 2 min (that thing hurts) but it was a start. SO I decided to renig my 35 pounds and say 31 pounds. imma suck it up and face it BUT I WILL BE DAMN IF I AM AN INCH SHORTER!


March 20, 2006

Ok so today was gym day 2. I did 30 min of cardio and then the trainer taught me the machines. So what that means is tomarrow i have my first real day of work out. Can you tell how excited i am.......:-| ANYWAY.... Thats the dillio i will let you all know how i am doing on my 2 month update. for now CYA


March 22, 2006

So I am so sore i cant stand it. Although i guess this means i am doing what i should be doing. I skipped out on gym day today to rest my wery muscles. I went to orlando my son is sick and had to see the dr. SOOOO I took advantage of this and went to the MALL! A real mall not like in the small town i now live in. I went to GAP and I can wear a size 16! woohoo. Tomarrow is week 7 and my trainer says i cant weigh myself. screw that imma weigh but i know now that i am working out i may not drop althou i will loose inches. SO who knows. It was excitig though to be in gap jeans:-) Anyway thats all the news im outtie. Oh just an FYI over all im pretty happy and it is a nice feeling.


March 23, 2006

Ok so we are 7 weeks out. I weighed only for pure porpose of tracking but will annonce my weight on week 8. I seem to be doing ok. Still can only eat small amounts. and stillhaving issues with drinking during my eating time.....i really need to work on this. other than that i am great i can not wait till week 8 to do my measurements:-) i have been going to the gym so hopefully i will see a big change. more to come.


March 30, 2006

Well today makes 8 weeks out. I can not belive that i made it this far! So i obviously weighed in and did my measurements. I also took my monthly photos i am not posting thoses because well...i dont want to yet lol i will eventually. here we go.....

Wrist: 7" No change from last month

Bicept: 15" down 1 inch from last month

Neck: 15" No change from last month

Chest: 47.5" Down 3.5 inches from last month

Braline: 42" Down 2 inches form last month

Middrift: 42" down 2 inches form last month

Belly: 44" down 1.5 inches from last month

Thighs: 26.5" No change from last month

Calfs: 17" Down 1 inch from last month

Hips: 47" Down 1 inch from last month

Ankels: 10" Down .5 inches froma last month

Knees: 15.75" Down 1.75 inches from last month

Size: 16

Weight: 232lbs

Total Lost this month: 15lbs

Total loss: 39lbs

Total inches this month lost: 15.25

Total Inches lost: 36.25

Things that I have found out this month.

1. I CAN"T eat Bread

2. I wear a size 16 from a 22


4. I workout 5 days a week

5. My shoe size is changing

6. I went from a 44 ddd to a 40 d

Well i guess thats it guys. Hope you enjoyed this update....more to come.


April 6, 2006

well today i smy nine weeks surgaversarie:-) and i am down 5 more pounds woohoo that makes a whopping 44 woohoo im very happy i kinda hope i can reach 200 by my birthday but i am not holding my breath. I am 227 now and my birthday is a month away so yea i dont think so...but im still happy woohooooo.


April 13, 2006

So its my 10th week out and i seem to be doing ok.

I weighed in today and I lost 3 more pounds. thats a total of 47 and a weight of 224. I am 10 pounds less than where i was almost 3 years ago. SO i feel good. I am a lil dissapointed i want to lose 5 pounds and i was 1 pound shy of going from severly obiese to just obiese but at least i should hit that next week we will see.

Untill nest time KEEP ON KEEPING ON!



April 20, 2006

11 weeks out and i am down 4 more pounds total of 51 woohoo i am so tired but i wanted to post. more later


May 1, 2006

OK 3 months out i cant even believe it but its true. SO i wont gointo gory detains but I lost 18 pounds this month and that makes a total of 57 pounds gone forever!!! and i lost a total of 54 inches over the last 3 months. I can wear some 12's but mostly 14's and my top is still bigger than my bottom...grrr so i am still like a 16 up top but my bra size has gone down to a 38D woohoo. Im a work out freak i work out at least 6 days but try for 7 and i think i would have lost alot more weight if i had not started to work out because i have gained alot of muscle. I am totally OK with that. Because i want to look fit not flabby. Even though my arms are wings lol. I had a hard time eating this month meaning i did not eat at all. I need to work on this. Water intake seems to be hard as well. I carry some kind of liquid with me where ever i go but i still am not getting enough in. Another thing i need to work on. I feel great and seem to be doing ok with energy. Well i will keep ya updated!!!






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