REVISION....One month out

Jul 30, 2014

well so far so good. its like reliving an old memory though.  I have lost 19.5 pounds I'm very happy with that. I honestly didn't expect to lose that much.  My goal for next month is 10.5 pounds.  I am doing ok other than the certain foods not working in my diet. i decided to stay on soft foods a little longer cause moving to more solid foods was causing pain and discomfort. I need to start thinking about ways to excursive it is so much more difficult this time due to the fact last time i was a real estate agent and made my own hours. Now I am a sales manager and have office hours.  i need to try to figure it out soon though. week six i can start working out. i have been walking mid day at work,... when i can.  Please feel free to contact me. I know when I was thinking about revision it was hard to find people who were talking about it.  Until next month!


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