7 month

Jul 24, 2008

Its been seven months..i have lost 111 pounds. in the last 5 weeks ive lost nothing....am i frustrated, yup, and i depressed, yup, disappointed...oh yeah.... but i will get through....i will get to wehre i want to be.. i did not have this surgery for nothing ..........anyway, otherwise, doing well..feeling ok...

4 month update

Apr 15, 2008

It's been awhile since I posted.. so I guess I'm due!  It's been just about 4 months since surgery... I'm down 86 pounds. I feel pretty good for the most part...... sometimes I'm sick, but thats self inflicted.. I know what I'm supposed to do and not supoosed to do.. and sometimes I do it anyway.. LOL.... well... I will try to post in a month * if i remember *

5 Weeks

Jan 24, 2008

So, I'm 5 weeks out, I have not yet noticed a huge difference, being I'm down 49 pounds.... but I'm patient.....  I have started Aquatics... it's great, and I have so much fun doing them !  Mind you I need to learn how to stay afloat, casue I'm all over the place .

But with time, I will get it, I'm going twice a week right now... that works for me, I will go more once I lose a little more weight, but really, I never thought losing weight would be so much fun !!  I'm not really having any problems, * knock on wood * I can pretyt much eat anything still, and not have any probs... that can be good or bad,,,,,I just keep reminding myself why I got this surgery in the first place !

4 weeks out

Jan 14, 2008

I'm 4 weeks out tomorrow.  It's also my weigh day, but today I'm feeling so sick... my tummy is just turning, I was fine earlier this AM... but this evening has been a nightmare.  I also now have this addiction to Milk... 1%.  I seem to can't get enough... well I guess I'm getting my calcium anyway, LOL. 

3 Weeks

Jan 08, 2008

As of today I'm 3 weeks and one day out.  I'm down 45 pounds and really starting to notice a difference in how I'm feeling.  The first four days after surgery I did have regrets becasue I was in so much pain and discomfort. But today, I can say , yes, I would go through it again, and it's only been 3 weeks.... I'm really starting to love this new lease on life.....

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