Steps to revision part 2

Jul 17, 2014

Well what a day for the books.  I went to the upper Gi and met with a unique individual (dr).   So any way he comes in and says why you here? He said I see you've had the sleeve, yeah how'd that work for ya??? Not so well huh... Most people just learn how to eat and don't bother having someone cut your stomach out.  He then said look at me I've lost 60lbs. You don't see me having my gut cut.  He told me try weight watchers.  I asked him about my reflux he said yeah it's there along with a hernia but again just learn to eat.  I left there in tears.  

Then to the nutritionist .  She was kind but timid.  She had a lot of information.  I really like her.  May use her after surgery for guidance.

Finally met with the psych.  He said I was good to go.  Now up to the insurance.


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