8 months out UPDATE!!!

Jan 12, 2010

8 months out 80 lbs down!!! I love this surgery.....Its amazing! Its far from easy because there is a lot you have to change about yourself......Especially if you wanna KEEP the weight off! My eating habits have changed so much! I no longer eat JUNK FOOD....I mean if I have a craving around my period...those 100 cal snack packs come in handy!!! AND they are very satisfying! Since ive had this surgery I SWEAR....healthier foods taste so much better! Ive never liked veggies...and now I dont mind eating them, BETTER FOODS MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER with this surgery!!! Im so thankful to have done this and Im very focused on continuing eating this way for the rest of my life! ~ I hope everyone is doing great~~~~ TTYL