Inches Lost Cont....

Jan 22, 2011

So I finally got aorund to adding up total inches lost in the 8 months since I had my rny......

Shocked at the numbers..... I can't even believe it.

Total Inches Lost
Waist- minus 9.5
Neck- minus 2
Bicep- minus 4.75
Forarm- minus 3.75
Chest- minus 8
Hip-minus  7.25
Thigh- minus 6
Calf- minus 4
Butt- minus 11.5

Total inches lost in 8 months
HOLY CRAP!!!! -56.75

That is pretty astounding to me.

So other than that everything is good. I am back in Boston until tuesday so I get a nice break from the stress of Virginia. Sadly the reason I had to come home was to attend a wake but its nice to be back regardless. Last night I went out with my husband and a few of his friends from work and I met one of their wived and she actually seemed normal. She took my number and told me if I ever want to go to the gym to give her a call. That kind of cheered me up. It's nice to know that there may be potential there.

Thank you for the overwhelming amount of support after yesterdays post. I may feel alone where I live but having all of you guys out there as inspiration and motivation definately makes it easier to get through. I ended up posting something in the Virginia Forum and I heard from a girl that gave me possible support group info too so that will be the first phone call I make when I get back to Virginia.

I hope everyone out in OH world has a great weekend!


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