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Jan 26, 2011

One I totally forgot I had my biggest ahha moment of them all the other day, Ready for this! Bought new jeans....... what size you ask? Drumroll please.............. Size 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost fell on the floor. I am officially in single digit clothes. What a freaking awesome thing. I called my husband and told him but I wasn't fully satisfied until I showed him the tag lol.

One other thing. I was wondering if I could take an OH survey. When ya'll eat how would you describe the 30 minutes following?? I was trying to explain to my husband and I made him lay down and I put a ten pound weight on his stomach and asked him how he felt. I guess I got my point across because he seemed way more understanding of why I need like a recovery period after I eat. Is that something that everyone is experiencing? Does it get better?


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