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"My first impression of the dr. is that I thought he would be taller. I was also prepared to wait to see him as I had read he runs late all the time. I did not have to wait to see him at all. In fact, all of my appointments have been timely, so that is a great thing. His office staff knew me by name after the first time. When I have a question, they are very efficient at calling me back with the answer if they do not know it right away. I cannot say there is anything that I like least about the doctor. I want everyone to know that I did tons and tons of reserach over several months to come up with Dr. Nazarian and I feel he is superior in this field. He is extremely cautious in his approach, which makes him all the more successful. He surrounds himself with others who are tops in their field (anesthesiologist (?), cardiologist, pulmninologist (?)). Dr. N was the match I was looking for. I have not heard much about aftercare from the doctor, I assume this will come form Liv-Lite, the program the doctor is affiliated with. There are support groups to be attended. Unfortunately, I would need to travel four hours one way to attend any support group, so I will be looking for one closer to home to attend. Not sure if they let you attend if you had it done with a different dr. Will be looking into it. I was fully aware of the risks involved. Between the dr. and Rick of the Liv-Lite program, there were no questions unanswered. Overall, I would rate the doctor highly. I definitely would reccommend him to anyone thinking of have in the surgery done. The only improvement I can say is that, in my case at least, they needed to let me know more in detail what the emotional issue would do to me and be prepared to help in that respect. I felt pretty much alone except for the support of the ObesityHelp.com website. Although, once I did tell the dr., he helped me cure my problem right away. So I guess I would say TELL YOUR DOCTOR EVERYTHING. HE CAN't HELP YOU UNLESS HE KNOWS WHAT IS GOING ON! Competence in the operating room is by far more important that bedside manner, in my opinion, but Dr. Nazarian has both. He has both mastered. Hope this helps people to make a decision. Thanks! "

Temple Community Hospital

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