Diet before the two week shakes ugh:(

Oct 08, 2012

 I have started a diet before the Protien shakes that is two weeks before the surgery. Its a no sugar no starch diet. OMG I wanna go nuts!! I have made it a week and then broke down and had a slice of bread. I know its not that bad but I feel like I fail myself. Tomorrow is another day and I will start a new! Its not over im gonna keep pushing. This is gonna be the hardest diet yet. I am just ready for surgery. I know the Dr. is just getting my head right for this is why hes doing it now. If if i slip now it wont be as bad as when after surgery cause after surgery I know ill dump and that will be hell. So, I am gonna do my best and try not to beat myself up but keep trying and trying and trying. This is where I am at now...waiting for the date!! Its been two weeks as of Oct 11 and then it can be up to 14 business days for the insurance to give an answer. I am praying hard I get the approval and a date soon. Please keep me in your prayers.

God Bless


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