Post Op 2 1/2 wks!

Mar 30, 2013

If anyone one is looking to have this surgery be prepared! I am not saying not to have it cause I would do this all over again cause in two weeks I lost 30lbs but keep in mind before the surgery I was retaining fluids also. I still say Praise God for it though! I am now 386 and so proud to tell others my weight. I cant wait until I am down more and closer to the 2's. The first two weeks are what I call hell week like some say in college with the sororitie. If you can tough it out until soft food stage you will do fine! Once I got some soft eggs and mash potatos and yes my Dr let me have soft mashed potatoes it was wonderful. I just have to push more in the way of water and just not to over fill myself. Its easy to do being we cant have a lot. Some say to use baby spoons some say not to but for me it is helping me gage my bite size and not to take too big of bites. I say do what works for you. DO NOT LISTEN TO OTHERS NEGITIVITY!! Everyones experience is different!


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