Another Day in my Journey

May 31, 2013

I am now down to 375 and its slowly coming off but hey I'll take it!! I am still having issues getting in all my water its constantly sip sip sip of the water! Food still isnt so easy to get in but I am now at the phase of eating more solid foods like Salmon, Shrimp, Ground turkey/beef, over cook veggies,and protein bars. If your looking for a great tasting protein bar "The Zone" Has great bars...I was recommended to only have half because of the sugar most are a meal portion of sugar and has 12-15 gms of protein but if your on the go and cant do breakfast half is great!

I wanted to add a post I did on my facebook for anyone in Phase 3 having cravings for real tasting foods and was tired of the same ole same ole could enjoy like I did!

If you are missing spaghetti and are trying to stay away from pasta then I gotta tell ya Spaghetti Squash is a great substitute for the pasta. I took Meat balls and cooked them in spaghetti sauce low sugar of course (hunts makes a low sugar spaghetti sauce) took Spaghetti Squash (just one will feel the whole family), cut it in half salt peppered and drizzled olive oil over it, then put it face down in a 475 Oven baked for 30 mins or until you can put a ice pic or wooden skewer thru it easily. Took a spoon and scrapped it all out (it comes out like pasta strings) then let it simmer in the spaghetti sauce and meat balls for 20 mins for it to grab the flavor. Put it in a baking dish sprinkled cheese what ever you like on your spaghetti and baked it for 30 mins on 400. OMG that is lip smackin goodness!


I  hope everyone is doing great!! 


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