John Copp

"Dr Copp was and still is very friendly and helpful. He seems genuinely concerned with helping people like me. His staff also are pleasant and polite. He likes you to keep up visits with the dietician to make sure you are getting adequate nutrician. They dont just do the surgery and leave you on your own. I heammoraged after the surgery (while I was in the hospital still) and Dr Copp got me back into surgery right away to fix the problem. I had no problems once it was fixed. I was in the USA for a year after my surgery and had to talk to Dr Copp about some worries I was having over the phone, he was happy to help, at no cost to me and he even remembered who I was which I thought was a nice change from most doctors. He is very easy to talk to and I would recommend anyone considering lap band surgery to go to him."
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