1/15/09 27 weeks post RNY 186.8 -75.1 since RNY

Jan 15, 2009

B: Chocolate Soy Mocca Protein shake
L: Jeni-O Lean Turkey Roast, 3 oz
S: Fage with SF Davinci Peach and ½ apricot
D: Silk Soymilk Nog Protein Shake
S: Mock Danish, low carb

Exercise:  I was a maniac today lol.
Run 30 min on rebounder
Recumbent bike: Level 1, 40 minutes, 363 calories, 8.11 miles
Recumbent bike: Level 1, 20 minutes, 213 calories, 4.75 miles
Recumbent bike: Level 1, 30 minutes, 301 calories, 6.73 miles
Weight lifting: Rowing 12 lbs 1o reps, Shoulder Press 12 lbs 9 reps, Squats 12 lbs 10 reps, lunges 12lbs 10 reps, Dead Lift 12 lbs 10 reps, Tricep Extension 15 lbs 9 reps, Bicep Curls 9 lbs 11 reps, leg raises 10
Vitamins:  Multi; 1200mg Calcium; B-12, D, iron, Zicam
Water 83 oz
Protein 102
Calories 746
Carbs 34

Today’s Daily Topic:  Today, I challenge you to submit daily topic suggestions.
My response:

What’s your favorite exercise?  Do you play music, watch TV or just slug it out?

Do you have a set exercise time?  How many days a week do you make it?

What songs do you listen to while exercising?  We have’t done this in a while and my list has changed.

What do you think contributes to post WLS weight gain?

What is your most destructive behavoir with regard to WLS?

Is something keeping you from getting to your goal?  If so, do you know what it is?

Have you ever considered a bypass reversal?  If so, why?

Do you ever wish you hadn’t had WLS?  If so, why?

If you got preganant after WLS how long did you wait?

Have you had any dumping symptoms after combining medications (OTC or prescription)?

How long did it take for you to start feeling hungry after WLS?  Real hunger and head hunger.

How far out are you and what is yout typical day like with regard to vitamins, prescriptions, food, water?

Do you still follow the eating protein containing foods first, vegetables second, and carbs third?  If not, why?  If so, why?

Did you choose your surgery or did your insurance company choose for you?

How did you choose your goal weight?

Do you/did you have IBS?  What did you do to resolve it ot make it better?

What do you do to remember your vitamins?

At then end of the day do you know how much protein, water, carbs, calories you’ve consumed?  How do you keep track?

How many meals a day do you eat, includng snacks?  Do you count your snacks as a meal?

What do you carry in your purse or car to ensure you get your protein in?

What is/was your favorite protein shake?  This can be a brand of powder or ready made. How many grams of Protein, Carbs, Calories, and fat does it have?

What is your favorite protein bar?  How many grams of Protein, Carbs, Calories, and fat does it have?

Did your taste of food change dramatically after WLS?  Was it immediately, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months,  year out?

Did you lose a little or a lot of hair post WLS?  What did you do to prevent it?  How long after WLS did it start falling out?  Did you embrace scarfs, hats or wigs?

Do you have an exercise buddy?  If not, do you think it would help if you did?

How many times a year do you have bloodwork done?  If more than once a year, is there a particular reason?

What is your favorite post WLS meal at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and a year?

What is your favorite snack food?

What new exercise have you tried since WLS?  Is it something you never thought you’d do?  Do you care if someone else thinks it looks silly?

What makes you dump?  Be specific.

What brand of vitamins do you take?  Are you happy with them?

How much of the folowing vitamins do you take per day?
Do you take any others?  If so, why?

List the ways one can be a WLS success story.

What do you crave post WLS?  This can be food, attention, whatever.

Did you eat slowly today/yesterday, chewing thoroughly and leaving enough time between bites? How long does it take you to eat a meal now compared to before WLS?

Do you give yourself credit/a pat on the back, atta girl/ good job, when you practice mindful eating?

Do you park farther away from stores, take the stairs or any other exercise boosting methods?

Did you do your planned exercise today?  What was it?

Do you plan your meals or hope something in the freezer strikes your fancy?  Is this difference from your first month post op?