1/20/09 186.2 27 weeks post RNY -75.2 from RNY

Jan 20, 2009

B: Chocolate Soy Mocca Protein shake
S: Fage yogurt with Torani Peach SF Syrup and 2 walnuts
L:  turkey salad
S: Power Crunch Bar Triple Chocolate
D: Silk Soymilk Nog Protein Shake
Water:  99 oz
Vitamins:  Multi; B-12; iron, D, calcium
Protein 86g, cal 687, carbs 22g
60 minutes on the exercycle

Today’s OH Challengers Daily Topic:
What have you done to break a stall if you have experienced one?
My response:
First I look at how much I’ve lost in the past few weeks.  If it’s a lot I don’t worry much.  I know my body needs a rest after I lose a lot in a short time.  If the plateau stretches more than 2 weeks then I take action.

Research shows that chronic stress can affect your metabolism, promoting fat storage, and increasing cravings for sugary, high-fat “comfort foods.”  I try hard not to stress about it.  I stressed during month 3, added lots of exercise, ate less and I gained weight.  I read then that bumping your exercise too much at once when you don’t have enough carbs in your system causes the body to produce glycogen.  When you do that, you gain weight because the glycogen needs extra water to support it so you retain water.  How nice! LOL

Now I take it a little more in stride.  Lea once described it in a way that made sense to me. Think of weight loss as a stair case.  You take a few steps and there’s a landing.  That made sense to me.

Up my music beats per minute when I exercise.  I downloaded a free program to tell me what the BPM is of the songs I have.  You can find it at: http://www.download.com/MixMeister-BPM-Analyzer/3000-2169_4-10290906.html

I change my exercise routine around.  I usually run 30 minutes on the rebounder then pedal slowly on the recumbent bike during the day while watching tv.  Some day’s I’ll skip the running and walk on the treadmill with a 3% grade (3% is supposed to be easier on the joints then flat walking) at a slow pace (under 3 mph) for an hour.  I’ll add in a weight lifting segment.  I look at SparkPeople.com for new exercise ideas when I’m stuck.

This one may come as a surprise.  I up my carbs.  I generally keep my carbs low (20-30g).  When I exercise more, I add more carbs (40-50g).  No way I’m going to encourage glycogen production!  I add more Fage yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, veggies, a protein bar, FLAX Z SNAX hot cereal (lots of fiber).

I exercise longer, not harder.  I increase protein and water.  I make sure I’m getting my snacks in.  I don’t want my body to kick into starvation mode and stay there so I encourage it to think I’m ok and will be able to support it.

That’s what seems to work for me.  I’m looking forward to other ideas.  :-)