4/26/09 173.4 Back from Virginia, Headed for South Dakota

Apr 26, 2009

4/19/09 177

We’re still in Virginia and I’m playing catch up with my journal.  We got to Vrginia the 9th, spent the day visiting with my folks then drove to my sister’s the 10th.  We shopped and talked and played Wii bowling, looked at her antique booth and went to Natural Bridge and caverns.  We had a great time and sampled many ethnic foods.  Somehow I managed to lose weight...maybe the Leslie Sansone Walk Away The Pounds 4 miles had somehting to do with that!  My sister and I did it every day. 

We drove back to my folks on 4/15, stopping at Lurray Caverns on the way.  I’ve forgotten how amazing it is there!  Absolutely stunning.  If you ever have a chance to go, don’t pass it up.

We’ve somehow managed to go through the days quickly and have 2 days left.  Mom and I are getting pedicures tomorrow, going though old photos and trying on clothes.  That’s my big WOW moment.  I fit into my mom’s clothes!  I never would have believed that would happen.  I’m taking several outfits home with me.  : - )  Thanks mom!

We fly back Wednesday and I have my 9 month post op with Dr. J.  It’s been a slow 3 months weight-wise.  I stalled out for 2 months and finally started down again just before we left for vacation.  Stressors took their toll but I’m back on track and eating more carbs.  I had a bout with low glucose levels that were causing my vision to blur.  After talking with Dr. J’s office I added some carbs and my weight started slowly coming off again. Yay!  I hve to tell you, anyone near SF should have their surgery done at LAPSF.  Dr. J is always available and supportive. 

I’m continuing to enjoy and learn chain maille.  I’m on my 5th pattern and and have orders for them.  Imagine that, having fun and making money doing it!  I’m hoping to take a class with spiderchain.com the end of this month.

On Friday, 4.15.09 we went to a Concert at Music Center At Strathmore and heard the Tokyo String Quartet + Lynn Harrell
Hayden: String Quartet in G Opus 76 No 1
Beethoven: String Quartet in C minor Opus 18 No 4
Shubert string Quintet in C Major Opus 163 Deutsch No 956

On Sunday we went to the Patriot Center in Fairfax and saw Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey Circus.  I forgot my camera but asked someone in front of me to send me copies of their’s.  They did!  

It was a good trip and I lost 5 lbs.

4/24/09  174.4

I had my 9 month post op with Dr. J today.  We’re both happy with my progress even though it’s a little slow.  We settled on 145ish as a target weight.  I may not make it by my surgiversary, but that’s ok with me.  I’m content where I am so the rest is gravy.

4/25/09 174 I’ve reached overweight status!  I’m no longer obese.  Woohoooo!
It’s been a long haul but I finally made it.  Not far to go now. 

Today I am no longer Obese, I'm merely overweight!!
calcium  2 hours before or after iron
b-12 5ml/1 tsp
green tea
Whey protein powder, choc, Jay Robb's, SF Hazelnut DaVinci, BSN Cinnamon Protein Powder, skim milk, heated
run 10 minutes  ped = 2529
blueberry water
Omega-3 with DHA Rhino Gummy, 100mg
blueberry water
run 10 min ped = 4337
Lunch: chili Con Carne 1/3 C
Vit D
2 SF Coastal Bay Coffee Flavored Hard Candy  French Vanilla
Power Crunch Bar Tripple Chocolate, ½ bar
4 Dulcolax
run 10 min  ped = 6887
Omega-3 with DHA Rhino Gummy, 100mg
run 10 min  ped = 8323
blueberry water
Whey protein powder, choc, Jay Robb's,  BSN Cinnamon Protein Powder, skim milk
10 min run  ped = 10,043

Daily Totals:
Total water should be  weight * .55Steps = 10,223  cstep = 8174  kcal = 280  miles = 3.23
Water 111 oz
Protein 90.5g
Calories 756.5
fat 19.5g
Sat Fat 9.5g
Carbs 57

4/26/09 173.4
We’re cleaning and packing the RV for the next part of our journey.  Lookout bats, here we come!  We’re also heading for South Dakota for lots of tourism and visiting friends in Nebraska and Missouri.  We leave Wednesday.