Oh Yeah! Protein Wafer Bars

"- peanut butter cup: I Love it! The texture and flavor is good. - vanilla cream: great! reminds me of sugar cookies - chocolate chocolate: eh. I love chocolate but it needs a bit more sweet to make it like a Kit Kat bar. - vanilla peanut buttter cream: tastes like medicine - chocolate mint: tastes like medicine..this could have been good - chocolate peanut butter: pretty good, kinda like a butterfingers bar. Not as good as the peanut butter one though. Over all, I like them. Kinda high in fat and it doesn't stay with you very long if you're eating it for a meal but it's crunchy and sinfulicious. All of them have the same nutritional value: 210 calories 14 g protein 13g fat 8g carbs 2g fiber"

Gregg Jossart

"Our first meeting went well. I'd done all my paperwork so we were able to sit and talk about the different procedures that would be good for me, where it would be performed and what it would cost me after insurance paid. It tool several days for his office to call me back, but once they did they were very friendly, informative and got me an appointment in 2 days! I freaked, I thought I'd have another few weeks to cogitate on it. rnrnThere wasn't anything I didn't like about Dr. Jossart. I'm very pragmatic and he gave me the information I needed to take things to the next step of my journey.rnrnHe told me they are very concerned about aftercare and the support groups. I already had plans to attend the May 17 one and he liked that. They have a plan of when to see you after surgery the first year and have a dietitian and psychologist available anytime.rnrnHe was very clear about the risks and the benefits. I had checked his stats and knew they have one of the best after surgery results and fewest problems. They're very strict about what you can eat when which helps deter complications. I intend to follow them.rnrnI would rate Dr Jossart a 10 out of 10.rnrnSurgical competence rates #1 for me, then bedside manner. The reality is what he does in surgery I'll have to live with for the rest of my life. rn"