I had my surgery on April 1, 08. April fools day lol.  I weighed 284 lbs when I started my journey. I am 5'4" tall so being short did'nt help things out. My mother is not over weight but my father has been over weight for a long time . He now has Diabeties and thyroid problems. I was heading down the same road real fast. I work at a teleconferences place, doing conference calls for corp businesses. So I sit all day except for lunch and breaks. Not very much movement at all. I had no energy when I got home  again not much movement. I had a gym contract but only went when I wanted to.   I was sitting on the couch one night and saw the commercial about the lap band surgery and said that is what I want . My husband said he would not support me for the Bypass surgery but the lap band he would. He just wanted to see me happy with myself again. My husband could stand to lose about 30 lbs him self. I have a friend at church who had bypass surgery and had lost 100 pounds I asked who she used and the hopital she used. So I called and made an appointment. I called my insurance and they had him in my group also the hospital was in my group. I then started the process after the paper work was finished and turned in to the insurance it took two day for them to approve I was shocked. My surgery was then schedualed and here I am four weeks out and loving it.

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