Well, I have always been a healthly looking kinda girl.  Never really thin, but happy with that.  I spent twelve years in the US Navy, and because of my consant struggle with maintaining weight standards, I was discharged from service. Not the happiest time for me, but none the less, that reason alone gave me to the drive to do better for myself.  I have done everything in effort to change my health, but surgery was the last step I thought I would ever take.

Well, I'm taking that step. It took me three years to make this decison.  Countless seminars with various doctors, internet research, talking those against and for surgery, personal trainers, and reading any and every thing I could find on the topic.
The event in my life that brought me to this desicion is a fairly simple one...a photograph. See, this past summer,(July 2007) my mother was celebrating her 60th birthday, and I was planning to attend the "weekend celebration".   I'm orginally from Kansas City, MO, but my naval career ended with me living in San Diego, CA.  So, I go home for the party, see my family, spend a wonderful time with my parents, and pose for ever photo opportunity I can find.  Then a few days after the party, I get some of the pictures.  And I see myself, for the first time, as the world sees me...morbidly obesity.  Don't get me wrong, I have self esteem, a social and active love life, but I never really saw myself in that way.  I was always confident about being a full figured woman, but I passed that point some time ago, and I need to find my way back.

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