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I saw this on the Q&A board and wanted to add to my profile so I would have it. #1 - Do this for 10 days to break a plateau #2 - Drink 2 quarts of water a day #3 - You must have 45 grams of protein supplement and all your vitamins/minerals supplements each day (some suggest at least 60 and up to 80 gr) #4 - You may consume up to 3 oz of the following high protein foods, 5x a day beef pork chicken turkey lamb fish eggs low fat cheese cottage cheese plain yogurt or artificially sweetened (?) peanut butter beans/legumes You may also have: sugar free popsicles tea or coffee sugar free soda sugar free jello broths/bullion (sp?) crystal light drinks #5 - If it's not on the list, you can't have it for 10 days!!!! #6 - Keep a food diary and try to get up to 30 mins of exercise daily 04/24/2006 Waiting on insurance. I have to go back to my cardologist(sp) to get a letter of medical necessary. I want to make sure they have all the information they need. I'll post more later . lol Jendivider hearts

09/06/2006 Sorry haven't updated in a while, there hasn't really been much to tell, had to resubmit to insurance, should know something by the middle of this month. But have been busy, my daughter just started college, and my co-worker retired so I'm working by myself right now. As far as health, I can't wait to have this surgery, I'm in pain alot, it hurts to walk, and simple things make me very tired.

divider hearts 10/19/2006 Nothing new yet, I should know within the next few weeks, I'm hoping to have the surgery done by Feb. so keep your fingers crossed for me, I want next year to be sooooooo much better than this year. Not much else to report, mostly same'ol'same, once I have the surgery, I'll post pictures, right now I hate to look at pics of me.

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