Alan H. Brader

"01/26/06 I met with Dr. Brader, he's great! I feel very confident with him doing my surgery. He will be able to do it Lap instead of open(yeh!) :) I can't wait to have my surgery now. Dr. Brader has been doing lap procedures almost since they started in the US. He's done over 3000 lap procedures.rn06/27/2007 I am 9 weeks out and down almost 60lbs. Dr. Brader your the BEST!!! I Thank you from the bottom of my heart.rnI'm so sorry to hear your no longer at Barix, but where ever you go your new patients are very lucky!!!rnDr. Brader is the BEST, and I am proud to call myself one of the \"Brader Bunch\""

Barix Clinics

"I would HIGHLY recommend Barix, the hospital staff is fantastic!!! and Dr Brader is the best!!!"

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