I have just had lap band surgery on December 19, 2007.  I am 52 and have had a weight problem for about the last 15 years.  I remember when I used to panic and diet at 130 pounds!  I wish!!  

Anyway, beginning at about age 35 it just started changing and I started gaining year by year.  For about the last 5 years I have been between 260-270.  On October 10, 2007 at my first visit with my surgeon, I weighed 271.5.  I lost down to 267 before surgery.  I feel very fortunate that my only medical problem is the weight.  Pre-surgery, I was still right at 200 on cholestrol, no diabetes, normal to low blood pressure, etc.  My mother had had adult onset diabetes so I knew what my odds were.  She also had high cholestrol.  

I was refinancing my house after a divorce and decided to do some major remodeling...to the inside and outside of my house and to my body.  Of course, my insurance would not cover my surgery, so it cost me $18,000.  I figured I had bought several cars for $18,000 or more...so why not buy myself a new chassis--and more years to live!!

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