Back in the 130's!

Nov 20, 2012

My scale gave me a nice surprise this morning: I'm back in the 130's again, only a few pounds from my goal weight. I have to give credit where it's due: to my new sleeve, even though we're still not getting along together very well.

A few weeks ago I had an upper endoscopy because a hemoccult test revealed a gastric bleed (the possible cause of my anemia). My gastroenterologist found a polyp in my stomach, a "ring" in my esophagus (an artifact from the stricture I had dilated in May),  inflammation in my duodenum, and a well-healed scar from my gastrectomy. He biopsied the polyp, ring, and duodenum. Yesterday I saw his NP, Laura, who said all the biopsies were negative. I'm to continue taking omeprazole and go back for a follow up in 3 months. I asked her if taking a diabetes med called Precose could slow down my gut enough to prevent or reduce the rapid gastric emptying (or dumping). She said maybe, but that could also create a host of other GI problems.

I've also seen a PA at an endocrinologist in Memphis about the blood sugar spikes and dives that have been plaguing me since my sleeve surgery. He prescribed glucophage (metformin), saying it will help even out my blood sugar. I'm hoping that steadier blood sugar will take the edge off the crazy hunger, but he made no promises in that regard. Glucophage side effects are mostly GI problems (like diarrhea), so all the more reason not to add Precose to the mix. I haven't been taking it long enough to see any effect on my blood glucose, or any GI side effects. I'm so constipated from the iron supplement, I'm not sure I'd even notice any effects from the glucophage.

So I find myself in a more complicated medical situation at over 5 years post Lap-Band than I was when I was obese. I did appreciate it when Laura said, "Miss Jean, I know you're frustrated, but you've done so well with your weight loss. Obesity is a serious problem, and now you don't look like you were ever obese."


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