Good Eating Skills

Feb 23, 2013

Most WLS patients find that good eating skills are as important as good food choices. The fact that some side effects and complications can happen to even the most conscientious eater doesn't excuse us from doing our best to avoid them. And it's also important to know that good eating skills can ensure the early and prolonged satiety that we expect from our surgical tools.

The official Bandwagon® Eating Skills are:
  1. Don't drink while you eat or for 30 to 60 minutes afterwards.
  2. Take tiny bites.
  3. Chew, chew chew.
  4. Eat slowly.
  5. Eat the protein first.
  6. Learn your stop signals.
  7. Pay attention to problem foods.
  8. Eat only when you're hungry.
  9. Avoid liquid calories and slider foods.
  10. Use a small plate.
  11. Plan your food in advance.
  12. Don't watch TV or read while you eat.
  13. Don't put serving dishes on the dining table.
  14. Eat sitting down at the dining table.
  15. Follow the HALT rule (don't eat when you're too hungry, angry, lonely or tired).

You’ll find full explanations of each skill in Chapter 12 of Bandwagon, Strategies for Success with the Adjustable Gastric Band, by yours truly.


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