Down, down, down

Oct 30, 2013

My weight keeps going down. I'm trying to eat more protein as suggested by my surgeon, but I'm now 18.4 pounds below my goal weight and wearing size 4-6. I feel like I'm eating constantly, which in fact is not a big exaggeration because I have to eat often to deal with the physical hunger I've had since my sleeve surgery. The exception is that I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything during my work shifts except during one 15-minute break. It's hard to eat anything solid in only 15 minutes without discomfort and/or dumping. Lately I've tried bringing a protein shake instead of real food to work. It does help make my shifts more comfortable.

It's very bizarre to be this small now. The clothes I bought this spring when I thought my weight was stable are now too big. I'm able to wear some of the size 8 pants with a belt...and wearing a belt to keep my pants up is yet another bizarre experience. I'm trying to enjoy being this size without obsessing about it. Fat Jean is always in the back of my mind, telling me not to get rid of any bigger size clothes.


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