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Nov 04, 2009

Hi everone and sorry I have not been arround.

WELL down 93 lbs now. in the final stretch to lose another 25 to 30 lbs.

I have been so busy since last on here.  I lost my mother in law a beautiful person and kind sole, but she is not suffering now, and with that I miss her, but am comfortable knowing she is in a better place.

After she passed away, my work needed me to travel to Toronto for a month or so, and I will have to go back next month, the weight loss went well while there, packed my own lunches every day and ensured that the protien was first and foremost.

I hate that i have stalled out on the loss, but need to increase activity so ZUMBA it is.  I love it and it is high energy for one hour and the time passes, class is full of various size and shapes so quite happy with it.

Health is fantastic, down to 1 diabetic pill a day instead of 8 + on no other meds now no colestrol pills, no high blood pressure.

I have one regret for this year so far. I truly wanted to committ to a support group, and as such I have not had time to start it yet...with travel and family etc, I do not want to start it until I have 100% committment to it.

Hope all is well with everyone, sorry to be so out of touch, not out of thought.


BUSY August

Aug 09, 2009

So it has been a very busy month and summer.

My weight loss has slowed down a lot, but I am sure iti is lack of exercise.  I have been busy with a veyr sick mom in law, and planning a 50th anniversary for mom in law and dad in law.   My anniversary married 22 years together 32 years, also out of town guests all summer so far.  I have lost only 20 lbs since June 1st, down to 172 and stuck.  but it is in the right direction, I also think getting the final 40 off will be a challenge. I purchased the wii fit, and boy that is fun.
I have had no time to deal with the planning of the support group till now.  I am going off tomorrow evening to plan the location, or should i say get permission to have it at that location.

I have a dietician who is willing to give her time to assist us.

The first meeting will be just for the folks who had surgery, then 3 weeks or 4 weeks later, we will have an open meeting and include the folks wanting or waiting for the surgery

I am going to upload some pics later today

Hope everyone is having great success and enjoying the summer as much as i am, i have not ever been this active or full of energy in my life.

love it


Time for some photos

Jul 15, 2009

Always hate the camera, like to be the happy girl behind the camera making sure every shot is done to make everyone look beautiful, hate my photos, but this weekend have made an agreement with hubby to take some pics, now...get this, only because I went shopping, got 2 pairs of pants SIZE 10, cannot believe that size 10 stretch mind you....but 12 non stretch but they hang funny. 

down to 175 lbs from 252 and feeling quite good about ME.  so I will post some pics next week, stay tuned...

I will be attending the Halifax meeting on Aug 25th if anyone needs a drive,I will be going up on the early am of 25th and coming home 26th.

Room for 2 people.


sorry been away

Jun 19, 2009

sorry I have not posted in oh so long

I have been away to several places... I was in Dominican for a week, had a blast, and still was able to stick to the eating plan. lost 4 lbs on vacation, first time for everything in life

I had to spend 3 weeks in Toronto, working, found it hard to accomodate the food choices, however, i MANAGED fine and took a lot of protien with me.  I did great.

tHEN  off to Halifax again another week, hubby had facial surgery, he is doing great, and I am back at home, and back to work and looking after hubby and me dog and 3 cats , quite busy, but manage to get a 30 min walk every day, dog is loving it.

when life calms down I am going to start a support group in Industrial Cape Breton, meeting in Glace Bay, hope to be up and running in a month.

down 70 lbs and happy with that, I am sure I could do much better. need to get the body moving more, and make time for me.

I found gnc protien fantastic it is low carb/mixes easy/ and 40 grams protien, so one shake does great for supliments of the day.

my diabetes is under control, every time i check my blood it is 5.5 so cannot be better, this was the reason for having the surgery.

got rid of 7 garbage bags of clothing, i was happy to get rid of it, and there were folks that were happy to get them, now I can see what is in the closet. 

Down to 14 top and 12 pants, feeling quite good.

hope everyone has a great weekend


Folks on this site

Apr 29, 2009

I have been getting a lot of messages from very nice people and I appreciate every message that is posted and every comment.

You guys are a great group, I love the support this site gives.  I am feeling quite good about myself again, take care of me again, I may not be a perfect 10 in other eyes but I do feel like I am where I should be in life and doing what I should be doing for the right reasons.  I have taken my bmi down, but more important when I test my sugars 3 x a day they are always at 5 now and my pills have gone from 8 to 3 a day.  This is why I had the surgery and so I gues it is doing it's job.

For anyone who is new on the site and considering having it done, keep in mind, your MIND has to be ready to accept that you are forgoing all your favorite foods, but for the right reasons, as long as your mind accepts this, the surgery will take care of the cravings and needs. 

I do get hungry, but it is thirst mostly, as I am still not a fan of drinking water much.  I am working on that.  The other night I got a grocery order.  I have been lax in getting treats for hubby, so I picked up a bag of potatoe chips, we sat on the sofa, he ate the chips, trying so hard not to make me want, but guess what, it did not bother me a bit.  When I was in Dominican I walked the 6 isles of food, ate steamed vegies and pouched fish, no problems at all, my mind is wrapped arround why i did this and as such it will work for me.

I hope this helps anyone who is considering the surgery.

Best of luck and thanks guys for all the supportive comments.

Back From Vacation

Apr 27, 2009

Hi there, just a quick note, am down 57 lbs now since the start of my jorney in Feb.  Having a lot of fun, getting much more active than ever before in my life.  Last minute trip to Dominican with my sister, was a little worried, but was fine when I got there and saw non fat yougart and steamed vegies and pouched fish and bbq foods, I was fine, lost 5 lbs on vacation.

Was of course swimming and walking every day, had a great time, no did not tell the clinic till I got back what I had done, but worth the trip.

Yesterday, I got my hubby to go into the attic and get a box of shoes down for the summer, when he was up there, he asked what the 2 large hockey bags were??? well, that triggered a memory, when I had gained weight, I had stored my best and favorite clothing that no longer fit up there.  This prompted 5 garbage bags of clothing that were to big to be given away and filled the closet with all the best of what I had owned and fit into from my past.  Now into a size 14 pants and xl or l tops.  Feeling great down from 3 x and 18 pants.

I hope everyone has a great day


night at emergency

Feb 15, 2009

since surgery, I have had a stitch like pain in my lower right side, not appendix had them out, and not galbladder, had it out too...went to the family doc after I called the clinic, they said go to fam doc, did this, she ordered x rays, but nothing blocked, thought was a partial blockage, went to emerg on fam doc recommendation, spent 6 hours there, to have blood work and a lot of poking, found out that it is deep bruising to the bowel.  so I am happy, no blockage, and mind is at ease, it hurts to walk, stand, sit or get up, but my mind is at ease.

trying to add ticker

Feb 08, 2009


Home, enjoying life

Feb 08, 2009

So, home, sleeved, and enjoying the sipping of protien and pure'd foods.  I have no complications so far.  I was a lot concerned as I was not having any of the side affects, lol.  No stomach pains, no dehydration, no problem with bigger sips.  I am keeping protien maxed and drinking every hour on hour.  Good luck to those who get done soon, I would not change this for the world.


Jan 15, 2009

Ok, I am quite excited, yet nervous, had my consult, and will get the call this week to set a date for the end of the month, so 2 weeks left to life as I know it, and I am about to start a life journey.
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