Back From Vacation

Apr 27, 2009

Hi there, just a quick note, am down 57 lbs now since the start of my jorney in Feb.  Having a lot of fun, getting much more active than ever before in my life.  Last minute trip to Dominican with my sister, was a little worried, but was fine when I got there and saw non fat yougart and steamed vegies and pouched fish and bbq foods, I was fine, lost 5 lbs on vacation.

Was of course swimming and walking every day, had a great time, no did not tell the clinic till I got back what I had done, but worth the trip.

Yesterday, I got my hubby to go into the attic and get a box of shoes down for the summer, when he was up there, he asked what the 2 large hockey bags were??? well, that triggered a memory, when I had gained weight, I had stored my best and favorite clothing that no longer fit up there.  This prompted 5 garbage bags of clothing that were to big to be given away and filled the closet with all the best of what I had owned and fit into from my past.  Now into a size 14 pants and xl or l tops.  Feeling great down from 3 x and 18 pants.

I hope everyone has a great day



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