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Apr 29, 2009

I have been getting a lot of messages from very nice people and I appreciate every message that is posted and every comment.

You guys are a great group, I love the support this site gives.  I am feeling quite good about myself again, take care of me again, I may not be a perfect 10 in other eyes but I do feel like I am where I should be in life and doing what I should be doing for the right reasons.  I have taken my bmi down, but more important when I test my sugars 3 x a day they are always at 5 now and my pills have gone from 8 to 3 a day.  This is why I had the surgery and so I gues it is doing it's job.

For anyone who is new on the site and considering having it done, keep in mind, your MIND has to be ready to accept that you are forgoing all your favorite foods, but for the right reasons, as long as your mind accepts this, the surgery will take care of the cravings and needs. 

I do get hungry, but it is thirst mostly, as I am still not a fan of drinking water much.  I am working on that.  The other night I got a grocery order.  I have been lax in getting treats for hubby, so I picked up a bag of potatoe chips, we sat on the sofa, he ate the chips, trying so hard not to make me want, but guess what, it did not bother me a bit.  When I was in Dominican I walked the 6 isles of food, ate steamed vegies and pouched fish, no problems at all, my mind is wrapped arround why i did this and as such it will work for me.

I hope this helps anyone who is considering the surgery.

Best of luck and thanks guys for all the supportive comments.


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