sorry been away

Jun 19, 2009

sorry I have not posted in oh so long

I have been away to several places... I was in Dominican for a week, had a blast, and still was able to stick to the eating plan. lost 4 lbs on vacation, first time for everything in life

I had to spend 3 weeks in Toronto, working, found it hard to accomodate the food choices, however, i MANAGED fine and took a lot of protien with me.  I did great.

tHEN  off to Halifax again another week, hubby had facial surgery, he is doing great, and I am back at home, and back to work and looking after hubby and me dog and 3 cats , quite busy, but manage to get a 30 min walk every day, dog is loving it.

when life calms down I am going to start a support group in Industrial Cape Breton, meeting in Glace Bay, hope to be up and running in a month.

down 70 lbs and happy with that, I am sure I could do much better. need to get the body moving more, and make time for me.

I found gnc protien fantastic it is low carb/mixes easy/ and 40 grams protien, so one shake does great for supliments of the day.

my diabetes is under control, every time i check my blood it is 5.5 so cannot be better, this was the reason for having the surgery.

got rid of 7 garbage bags of clothing, i was happy to get rid of it, and there were folks that were happy to get them, now I can see what is in the closet. 

Down to 14 top and 12 pants, feeling quite good.

hope everyone has a great weekend



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