TOO LONG with no posts

Nov 04, 2009

Hi everone and sorry I have not been arround.

WELL down 93 lbs now. in the final stretch to lose another 25 to 30 lbs.

I have been so busy since last on here.  I lost my mother in law a beautiful person and kind sole, but she is not suffering now, and with that I miss her, but am comfortable knowing she is in a better place.

After she passed away, my work needed me to travel to Toronto for a month or so, and I will have to go back next month, the weight loss went well while there, packed my own lunches every day and ensured that the protien was first and foremost.

I hate that i have stalled out on the loss, but need to increase activity so ZUMBA it is.  I love it and it is high energy for one hour and the time passes, class is full of various size and shapes so quite happy with it.

Health is fantastic, down to 1 diabetic pill a day instead of 8 + on no other meds now no colestrol pills, no high blood pressure.

I have one regret for this year so far. I truly wanted to committ to a support group, and as such I have not had time to start it yet...with travel and family etc, I do not want to start it until I have 100% committment to it.

Hope all is well with everyone, sorry to be so out of touch, not out of thought.



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