Back on track after a stall.

Aug 08, 2019

Had a stall the week after my birthday which resulted in no weight loss. It was pretty expected though. For my birthday I baked low carb brownies and Blondie's and my family also bought a sugar free cheesecake from a local bakery. But low carb/sugar free does not mean calorie free. Most times having more calories because they have sometimes more fat added to make up for the loss of sugar. But I am diabetic and these are the only treats I allow myself to endulge in on special occasions. But one cheat day turned into 4 cheat days and I can't expect to lose weight eating sugar free cheese cake for dinner and low carb brownies for breakfast. Luckily the following week I got back on track and had a 2 lb weight loss on Weds for the week. 281lbs. 91lbs down since September 2018 when I entered the weight loss surgery program I attend. 66lbs down since February 13 when I had VSG surgery. I want to get to my original goal of 220lbs that I never made it to back in 2004 when I did Atkins and lost 89lbs in 9months...I only ever got as low as 251. That was with tons of exorcising. I think the best part of the weight loss with VSG is I have not exorcised once yet. I hate exorcising and I can continue this pace of weight loss without it. I am all for it!

Edited for a error I made when I said "91lbs down since september" I originally put 99lbs down.(if only)


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