Kaiser denied my Bipass revision

Nov 09, 2017

  1. In 2008 I had gastric Bipass    I lost 100lbs . Everything went great. I was forced to eat large 3 square meals due to my living arrangements and no snacking 5yrs ago.  I went to Kaiser explaining the situation a MD stated they just don’t do this surger and I was furious stating if I was a pvt paying pt and you had a pvt office we would be scheduleing the Surgey and not having this conversation and he knoded his head.  my reason for forced weight gain  my orig MD that did my surgery had me do upper GI to second his opinion we are to revise my surgery. I need an advocate for pts against kaiser to pay for my surgey so I don’t have to pay cash for my revision. Help


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Nov 09, 2017
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