having trouble

Jul 29, 2009

It's been a ruff month and a half. Not loosing much. only about eight pounds down, and gained some than lost it back. Still having trouble getting enough  protein in. Think I was eating too much to try to get protein in, for awhile, had my appetite back. My family doctor drew labs,was  feeling very run down, off work for two weeks. She found my protein,albumin and  iron levels were all low. Still having lots of hair loss too, used to have very thick hair, now look like I've been getting chemotherapy. I've been holding fluid again also in my legs especially. Need to walk and excercise more, was going to  physical therapy, just got done, but still having back pain and flair up of fibromyalgia, which makes me have to push to do anything. Going back to work friday, hope I can handle standing all day. Getting alittle frustrated and depressed. Have only lost 59 pounds since march 2nd and expected more by now.Catch myself stress eating, even when i'm full. Trying to get back on track better. Trying to find protein powder I can tolerate. I have trouble with lactose, and many bother me, have been having trouble with loose stools alot. Hope to have better news to type in a couple weeks.

starting to lose hair

Jun 26, 2009

Hi everyone, well i'm at the point wear i'm losing lots of hair daily. Trying to get more protein in,  but still having trouble with supplements. I'm open toany suggestions. Hope i have hair  left when this is done, i knew this day would come, just not that i would lose this much hair daily. Doing well with most foods though. Hope everyone is doing as well,  Good luck with all your journeys. Sincerely, JoAnn

2 weeks post op

Mar 17, 2009

hello everyone, had surgery on march 2, and came thru well, except lifted more than should one week ago,and have spot on stomach sore,liked pulled muscle! bad girl! have lost about 16 pounds post op,expected more,but not eating right,not taking in enough,and having trouble getting protein in.  bough unflavored unjury,sugestion from dietician. but can't find  anyway to use. havn't found good protein shake receipe yet. tried one tonight and tasted bad. it anyone has good receipe would appreciate. going back to work march 30th as nurse in recovery room, hope can take all the running and lifting. my biggest problem is my back, have herniated disc,fibromyagia and sciatica. having lots of pain and spasms. hoping to go the physical therapy when back better. gotta find picture to post,never down loaded anything on line. not very computer literate. if anyone has any suggestions,am open to all. good luck to all.  sincerely, joann

surgery date soon

Feb 28, 2009

hello everyone, well it's less than 48hrs till my surgery on monday march 1st.  on clear liquids and starving.  getting nervous now,hoping everything goes well and that they will be able to due rny laparoscopically,with no complications.  doctor says i should be able to return to work in three weeks,which i need to do because i have tons of bills piling  up.have missed alot of work last two years due to health,especially back problems.need to hook up printer so i can post before picture,to follow my progress.i've had lots of surgeries,but not quite sure what to expect post op with this one,i usually tolerate pain well,but have heard quite painful. i've  had blood clots twice before,so doctor placed a filter in my large vein,going through my groin,to catch any if i get and they try to travel to lungs,and heart. watched rerun of this week's biggest loser tonite,had second thoughts that i could try to lose weight on my own again. however,with all this weight, makes it impossible to exercise much,due to back and foot pain. so, i guess on monday i start my new life's journey.
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