18 weeks post-op

Apr 21, 2011

Hey guys, I've been quite forgetful lately, not posting on Wednesday, but I'll get it together.  Well yesterday, I weighed in at 273lbs...that's a total of 62lbs down from surgery and 80lbs from the beginning of this journey 3 years ago.  Anywho, this week was pretty cool. Hubby started his liquid diet on last Friday for his surgery coming up on the 25th.  I intended on doing the entire liquid diet with him, but couldn't hold out all day.  So what I do is try liquids for the first part of the day, then eat something later in the day. 

Ive decided to start back keeping track of what Im eating and drinking, so I can be accountable for what Im intaking.  All my vitamins are on point, so no complaints there.  Workouts are still great as well.

Now back to hubby, so the closer we get to surgery, the more nervous I get.  I dont know why Ive been on such an emotional rollercoaster lately.   Surgeries and hospitals scare the heck out of me.  I am a praying woman, so I know it's all in GOD's hands, so please pray for hubby and I strength through this.  He goes in Monday morning at 9am, so pray for his speedy recovery too.  Since being on his liquid diet for 7 days, Im guesstamating that he has lost 15lbs from my knowledge.  He tries to sneak on the scale without me knowing, but I'll find out.  

So next week is all about hubby and his surgery, so Im sure I wont be thinking about my diet or workouts at all.  See yall next week.


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