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May 03, 2007

So here I am one day out of my consult.. Due to my liver disease Dr. Buchwald us suggesting the VBG surgery not the RNY for me. He is doing so because if I need to have it reversed I can do so very easily. Of course the only reason I would do that is if my liver went into failure cuz of it. Anyhow I am feeling good about the choices made at that appt but a lil taken back and defeated that this has been such a bumpy journey thus far. 1st with the band and now the RNY and now I am trying to get info on the VBG for myself. So I know the ins and out and all that good stuff. Anyhow hope this is finding you blessed thanks for reading my rants.. LOL God Bless. Oh and I got a promotion at work WOO HOO!! YAY ME


Apr 29, 2007

So here I sit it is 1:30am and I am beat but cannot sleep. Tonight at 10:30pm I will be on my way to see the surgeon. Hoping that I get my date this trip... It hit on sat morning, and I started to get nervous and scared and tonight it just got worse. I thought getting out of the house would help... umm not so much.. I went to help a friend with the gaming at the bar she works at, and we got on the topic of my surgery. The more I talked about it with her trying to help her understand that it was going to be great the more unsure and scared I became myself. I am VERY sure that this happens to all of us. I just needed to get it off my mind so maybe I can get some much needed rest. To top things off I am up for a promotion at work. It will not be released until the 5th I believe it is who got it.. I cannot tell you what it would do for me and DH. So crossing fingers there too. I guess I am meant to have a full plate no matter if at the dinner table or at the table of life.. LOL Well thanks for listening or reading rather... I cannot tell you what this site has done for me... You are like FAMILY!!! God Bless you all this week and I will let you know whats up hopefully thursday when I get back.. I want my post to be titled... I HAVE A DATE!!!!!!! 

Jodi Lynn

Well here goes nothing........

Apr 28, 2007

Hi everyone!! First I must appologize my spelling is not the best.... I got some requests for a bit more information about me, I just have not had a lot of time to get into working on my profile too much but an working on getting it so I can be on a lot more and I cannot wait!!! Hmm where to start.. I spose that would be that my name is Jodi. I live in ND, and have a wonderful husband named Matt. We have been married 7 yrs. Thru-out my life I have been the big girl. I developed a love for food and more so for eating my emotions at an early age. Food was the only thing that never told me NO. SO here I sit at 27 yrs old and at last count was up to a mind blowing 337 lbs. I went in to get the lap band done on 11-30-06.  I was so excited!! When they took me in I was on cloud 9 3/4.... when I came out I got news that would ROCK my world to the core..... I remember waking up and seeing my family in my little room, and my surgeon was there. I was so groggy all I wanted was sleep.. He kept shaking my foot to keep me awake to hear what he was going to say.. By the look on my moms face I could tell it was not good. He said I am sorry but we were not able to give you your band as planned today. I remember wanting to look so mad as he said that but could not get my face to work with me on that one.. LOL So I drifted off as he told my family that when they got in they found that I had what they call a Cirrhotic liver. He had only seen this in one other patient and she happened to have been right before me that morning. So he took a biopsy and aborted both surgeries. :( A couple of hours later (when I was FULLY awake) my mom explained to me what had taken place. The Biopsy results came back it was stage 4 fibrhosis possible cirrhosis of the liver. Secondary I have an enlarged spleen also.  I was then passed on to another DR this time a GI. he took test upon test upon test to see if he could find the cause. There was not a cause that he could come up with all my blood work came back normal or negative.. So I sat and sat wondering what was going to happen reading online about disease of the liver and finding out that there is a lot of good info out here in cyber space but mostly scary if you doing know what you are reading.. So I got off the web for a while... After a work up of 18 tubes of blood a scope of my throat and tummy, an ultrasound, and a CT scan.. They passed me on again to another DR this time to the UNIV of MN Dr John Lake .  A most kind and wonderful Dr. He is also the head of the transplant team there at the U of M and he gave me a ton of information.. Before seeing him the GI DR said I would not be a candidate for any WLS again. This hurt so bad as for health reasons I need this weight off me. However in see Dr Lake he said that he would like me to meet one of the surgeons there as they have seen this b4 and deal with it regularly.. Turns out that NASH as they call it (fatty liver disease) is more common then I thought. aAnd finally I was not alone any more. :) Mostly what this meant is after an absence from the forums I could come back and be happy that I was again starting my journy!! I did poke around a bit reading here and there but it created some jelousness so I found it best to limit my time... (I know that sounds horrid, but at the time, there was just so much going on..) So here I am back and ready to go again. I am however at the advice of a specialist having the gastric bypass done. He said that I need to get the weight off like yesterday... So he said this is the fastest way, and it could save my liver YAY!!! SO here is hoping, I go on 5-2 for my consult wish my luck..... God Bless all of you... and Thank you for being my shoulder and my strength... I could not have gotten through this with out you!!!!!

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