Welcome to my Gastricbypass Journey!

Aug 24, 2009

Welcome to my Journey Blog.....

*I have been approved to be in a gastric by pass program and I am 114 overweight with my height,too*

I have decided to write this journal as part of my journey road and why I have decided to do it, some of you knew some of you dont.

About 10 years ago, After work where I worked so hard 6 days and one day off and worked 2 jobs,too and I was single at that time,too

That one night, a co-worker invited me to a friend's house for a party, sure why not meet people for a change and get out instead go home and be a work alocholic-- that one night, was drinking and went for a shower and I fell on a bathtub and hurt my back and always thought it is just a pains went for a massage, chiropractor for those 10 years!

I had learned that I have a disc- herniated on a 5th disc. went for a PT for serveal weeks, still not helping much eventually I am always on the go with my 2 young boys.
so with that always had a 2nd thought of having a gastric bypass but my husband thought I could do better than that to excercise and eat right-- the more he realize why I wanted to do it.

My First Consolation will be on Thursday at 1230-415 with 3 providers, to discuss with a doctor, psycology and nurtions to evluate me whether I qualified for it.

Right Now I am 5 feet- 208 and My goal is 83lbs- I am just glad I dont weight over 300! and that I have to be 40 bmi- I am at 40.4 (barely)

I wanted to become a healthy mom, as a wife, and for myself and for my children,too
and a self-esteem,too I think writing does helps make me motivations, and get it going,too
maybe someday I wanted to become a Fitness Trainer and Teach other Moms out there or even a support group for deaf moms or maybe for both in general- I will see what led me to become a success with your supportive will be greatly!

I do desperately missed my " Crazymama's Group" in Chicago- we have had so much fun in 5-6 years, My close girlfriends and I became pregant the same year, and it is funny in how each month were born, and went different paths but those 5 years with my first son, Dylan "DJ" who is now 7- will always cherish those memories.

My Friends and I had our nice night out once a month to a restaurant without kids and just to talk and catch up, or who's birthday is on that month,too we'd do a get together,too and then once a month kids get together for a playmate at the mall, friends's house taking turn,too I cherish those time and memories back in IL/WI. Not that I want to move back, but I am thankful for the time and kept in touch with me since I've moved here to VT--
my friends said I've kept up the get-together if it was not for me and Julie one of a Sacrasim friend would called me an 'Evite Lady' which is TRUE--

Of course living in VT isnt the same as it is in chicago-- I've made a few close friends and I'm glad I did move on and make a new changes. My Husband, Randy had been promoted as a Supervisor for the Dorm almost a year ago- At Austine School for the deaf .

I work part time with variety of position such as Dorm ( overnight, 2nd shift) and Job Coach, Subs for Teachers this past 2 years- Now I've decided to just to only Sub once a while- and I am in the processing of doing an interview for housekeeping, this is something I've wanted to do!

Okay, here's the drills as to WHY I am doing this?

I hope to keep updates on my "Gastric Bypass" that I am determined to do it and for myself,too
and to elimate some of my "temptations" slowly changes is good,too so If I am qualified for it, and I'd continue to Blog about the Food, my weight, excercise,too
And hopefully I'll have a new job, and new Journey of this blog that will help me to stay maintain with my weight and to join fitness such as swimming.

I would appreciated your support, feedbacks and know weight is one of my biggest concern now! I dont want to end up diabetic, or so but want to become a happier person again
I had my first Consult at Lahey Clinic in Burlington,MA 7/23
I went to Lahey Clinic in Burlington,MA and is pretty impressed with the staffs, procedures,too am truly glad I went there and was referred by a friend of mine, Renie- Thank You :)

I met with a Doctor Pamela who's the director of the program for gastric bypass, and then met with a nurtionist, and a Psychology it went very well and I've been cleared and mentally,too and felt I qualified for it. GREAT NEWS!

I took the EKG test for my heart to make sure everything's all good,too

Dr.Pamela gave me a list what I need to do before I start taking 4 seminars workshop which is going to be one of a exhausted month for me! Why? because it is a 2 hours of a drive not a fun thing- but at the end it'll be worth it!

I need to be re-evaluate for my sleep disorder,too

Check with Insurances ( medicare/bcbs) but so far medicare covered 80% then the rest is with the bcbs,too

I look forward in having a life changing- it mean completely!

This week starting to wean out of soda (any kind of bubbles) hot dog,too

I can't have hot dog for (lifetime) why? because of high fat and the hot dog has a skin that can stuck into my stomach,too which surprised me and randy.

I will be joining swimming starting this friday and then I need to lose at least 10 lbs before my surgery- My surgery will be in sept or oct all depend if all goes well.

I'll keep you updated with a final date-

looking forward to a life changing within 10 weeks from now.

I just absoutely look forward to it, so I can become healthy and be a happy person again- All I have to wait is for the insurance to be "approved" this upcoming week.
I recevied an email a nurse Jessica at Lahey Clinic
July 28,09

Here's my checklist of my gastric bypass-
this is an email from the appointment (Jessica White)

On 8/6/09 you will start pre-surgical skills group at 12:30pm with Peg Hoddinot, PHD. You will be here for about 2 hours. On 8/20/09 you will have a progress check at 12:30pm with Pamela O’Brien(ask Pam about surgical date at this appointment and ask her if you need to keep appointments for progress checks on 9/28/09 with her and dietician), NP, Karen Palmer, RD and see Peg Hoddinott,PHD for pre-surgical skills group again. You will be here for about 4 hours. 9/4/09-10AM Electrocardiography9/4/09-11AM Dr. Nepomnayshy (meeting with surgeon)9/28/09-2PM Pam O’Brien, NP (progress check)9/28/09-2:30PM Karen Palmer,RD (progress check) If you have any questions please let me know. Please email me back to confirm your appointments! You will no longer be going to the pre-surgical skills group starting September 16 the above appointments will replace those. (All these appointment will have an interpreter.) Thank you, Jessica
On August 6th and 20th I met with a Psycology and a nurtionist and a dietian who is the director of the program
I have lost 10lbs in total and I have finally wore my jean shortpant in last 2 years and feeling great knowing it is a progress
I took a pre-teaching classes in how to change my lifestyle and withdrawl soda, chocolates are one of my temptations
and they said I have done pretty well since I started.

I will be meeting with the surgeon on sept 4th

Leave a comment and I will post a picture of myself soon, and keep checking my blog ok?

thanks for your support



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