Had my pre op class and have a date!

Nov 25, 2009

Oh my goodness! What a LOOOOOONG day. I got to the WLI at 7am and left to come home at 4:30!! Lots of info and lots of long waiting around!
Met with Dr De La Torre and he made a joke about my accent! (he pretended it was from Alabama when it is English!). He seems very friendly but most importantly, great at what he does. I feel less nervous after today.
I was weighed (232 lb) and did all the lab work (I have bad veins so that took forever) and EKG and all that good stuff. Learned about nutrition, exercise, the hospital stay and beyond. Did I mention there was lots of long waiting times? I wish I had brought my book!!
So my date is December 30th. It was the 16th but I swapped with another lady to the 30th as my DH has surgery on the 10th and he needs time to recover so he can pamper me!! ;) :D
So the best news of all?! No pre op diet for me!!!! I was in shock as I had prepared the whole family that I was going to be a witch for those two weeks. Needless to say the family is very relieved!!
How excited am I?! Very! Can't wait to be on that loser's bench by the end of the year! Thanks to all you who have been cyber friends going through all this. I love the internet!!


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