1 year post op

Dec 21, 2011

I havent written in a year but boy oh boy what a lot of changes.. Jan 11- i quit my job, may 2011 i revieved associates degree in human services, in june 2011 I relocated from CT to GA., in sept 2011 started Bachelors degree online, and oct 2011 started a new job-- waiting on the arrival of another grandaughter in March 2012.. in 13 months i have lost 110 pounds but have slacked off in the gym dept. I am food concise, however have begun eating out sometimes even though its not much. I have finally decdied to buy the right size clothing  12 or 14 depending on where i buy from.. last year this time i was a size 24!!  it feels weird not to go to Lane Bryant anymore! I have had to deal with a lot of personal emotional issues including lettnig go of old relationsships including family when i relocated. I am still dealing with the almost 5 year loss of my husband to lukemia and the untimely drowing death of my 2 younger children father 18 months ago. What keeps me is my beautiful 18month old granddaughter.. even when i feel like giving up on everything including life.. she makes me smile no matter what. So now i am finally settled in and my teenagers adjsuted to school. I am excites about my other adulkt child whose wofe is expecting within 3 months ( anotehr granddaughter). I have also developed a new relationship that already has marriage written it on ( i;m hoping- he;s talking about it). My kids are not use to the weight loss and i weigh myself weekly in fear of gaining weight. My new job doesnt provide insurance but soon I know I have to see a bariatric doctor for follow up becuae I beleive I have developed Pica-- i chew sponge rollers all the time and that is starting to concern my children as well, as this habit increases. I recently was able to give a local woman some feedback and hoepfully she will try out this website..  Its getting late... for teh first tim in a long time I am looking forward to christmas and keeping my spriritual values in place as life starts to fall back into "normal" for me... I will keep posting.. Happy Holidays...


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