Wow, where has the time gone???

Mar 11, 2009

Well I am now 33 weeks pregnant. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. It won't be long till I have my little son in my arms. And it's just as exciting now as it was 11 years ago with my oldest son. I have his room almost finished. I have all his clothes put in the dresser. I have his car seat and stroller all put together. I feel ready for him to come even though it's best for him to wait a few weeks of course! But I don't feel like I am not ready. I finally have things in order and other than a few odds and ends, I am ready for him to come.

I haven't done so well with my weight overall. After I lost Jesse at 20 weeks last year, I packed on 15 pounds. then I have gained another 15 or so this time, with a few more pounds to come. So I am fine with the current weight gain but am ashamed I let myself get out of hand last summer. I was depressed. And I counted on unhealthy habits to make myself feel better.

So the last few weeks, I have been eating more protein and healthy items. I have been cutting out alot of carbs, and trying to drink more water. I am not trying to lose weight by any means, just trying to get ahold of myself and not use being pregnant as an excuse to eat like crap.

I have become excessively obsessed with my extra flab and my saggy boobs. I have to say that I never thought it was going to bother me that much. I figured if I could just lose weight I would be happy. But apparently I am never happy because I definately want to look into plastics by the fall. Definately my stomach, as my PCP feels I can get that covered with insurance. I am mostly worried about my breasts, because I don't have the cash to fix those and that is what bothers me the most about my looks.

But overall, things are good, and I am just fine.


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